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Multidisciplinary design approach and safety analysis of ADSR cooled by buoyancy driven flows.


Multidisciplinary design approach and safety analysis of ADSR cooled by buoyancy driven flows.

Ceballos Castillo, Carlos Alberto.

Delft University Press


130 pages




The accelerator-driven subcritical reactor (ADSR) employs an external neutron source and operates at a steady power level. Shutting down the external source makes it possible to control undesired power excursion. As promising as ADSRs are, and as useful as their unique characteristics may be in dealing with nuclear waste, they still have potential problems such as temperature transients that result in fatigue damage and cladding failure. This report addresses recent research on ADSRs with emphasis on increasing their potential for providing sustainable energy safely. Practitioner Ceballos Castillo describes the role of ADSRs in the nuclear fuel cycle, neutronic and thermohydraulic safety considerations and mechanical issues, physical modeling of the ADSR, including the fuel pin heat transfer and thermodynamic models) steady-state and transient analyses and structural integrity assessments of fuel pin cladding. Distributed by IOS Press.

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Date:Dec 1, 2007
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