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Multi-relational data mining.


Multi-relational data mining.

Knobbe, Arno J.

IOS Press


118 pages



Frontiers in artificial intelligence and applications; v.145


Practitioner Knobbe gives insight on extracting useful insights from large and detailed collections of data cheaply and efficiently. He focuses on relational database theory, applied as multi-relational data mining (MRDM). He covers the theories behind structured data mining, multi-relational data, multi-relational patterns, multi-relational rule recovery, multi-relational decision tree induction, aggregate functions and pre-positionalization, aggregate functions and rule discovery, MRDM primitives, MRDM in action as a blueprint and project and then as a way to locate transformation rules, and the validity of the MRMD approach.

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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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