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Multi-purpose processing on a single machine.

Cincinnati Milacron's Nighthawk Multi-purpose Processing Center, which was shown at IMTS 92 for the first time, represents a new concept in complete part processing in a single setup. The Nighthawk MPC, which combines turning and milling in a single machine, is a commercial version of a proprietary machine that was developed working in conjunction with a non-automotive manufacturer, who bought 72 of the units.

The Nighthawk MPC features a 12-station turret designed for live or fixed tools and supports complete part processing in a single setup. The machine is designed for JIT and high throughput production of smaller parts with short cycle times and is said to increase parts-per-hour up to 50% over dual spindle machines. Machining operations, along with turning, include milling, grooving, drilling, boring, and tapping.

The unit features a dual-station rotary chuckchanger that permits part loading and unloading at one 8" (203 mm) chuck while another part is being machined. This configuration allows for convenient table-top part loading, then uses simple rotation to reorient the part 90 deg for machining for "done-in-one" capability with turning, milling, and drilling.

A 30-hp (22 kW) MTDR drive motor delivers 6000 rpm for machining cast iron, steel, and aluminum. The Nighthawk MPC machines parts up to 10" (254 mm) in diameter and 10" (254 mm) in length with |+ or -~0.00 006" (|+ or -~0.00015 mm) repeatability.

Rapid traverse and feedrates up to 1200 ipm (30 m/min) are readily handled on the machine, which derives its rigid support and stability and low center of gravity from a cast-iron base in a mass pyramid arrangement. The unit occupies a small footprint of 10.25 sq yards (9.5 m) and is equipped with Milacron's 32-bit Acramatic 850SX CNC, which prompts the operator simply and logically through programming, setup, and operation.

Cincinnati Milacron, Cincinnati, OH, circle 211.

CNC grinder

The MF series CNC surface/profile grinding machine handles heavier cuts and has greater workpiece weight capacity than machines of comparable size. Features include axis positioning simultaneous to the oscillation of the table, as well as contour dressing capabilities. Hydrostatic guideways for the X and Z axes ensure excellent rigidity and accuracy. Resolution of the Y and Z axes is 0.000 040".

The MF features programmable table speed up to 1575 ipm with programmable wheel speeds up to 6800 fpm (12,000 fpm using a key switch). The worktable is 48"x 20" and accepts loads as heavy as 3000 lb. The NUM 750 3-axis CNC controller features easy-to-use menu-driven operation.

Maegerle Inc, Schaumburg, IL, circle 362.

Precision grinding

The GDS-5100 Horizontal Grinding Center is a multi-axis precision grinder that delivers submicron accuracy for flatness, repeatable step positioning, and surface finishes. For high throughput manufacturing, the GDS-5100 can be configured in either a four-axis assembly with XYZ and spindle axis, or as a three-axis configuration with XZ and spindle. Precision air bearings are used for XY and spindle axes. Unit is delivered fully functional with all necessary pneumatic and motion control hardware, as well as an extensive servo control system with a touch screen control panel.

Dover Instrument Corp, Westboro, MA, circle 213.

CNC knee mill

The Millennium model 4200 is a 7.5 hp CNC knee mill that features the Anilam series 1400 CNC control. Weighing 6000 lb, the model 4200 has a table travel of 30" x 15", incorporates a 4" diameter quill with 6" of travel, and includes an automatic tool holder using #40 CAT V-flange tooling.

Produced by Millennium Machine Tool, a newly-formed division of Tree Machine, the model 4200 was designed to offer features needed for job shop and tool room machining. The precision lap-fitted quill has a longer quill bearing surface equal to 1.5:1 diameter bearing support ratio when fully extended that provides rigidity for making heavy cuts.

The Millennium 4200 has a fully programmable AC spindle which provides spindle speeds from 0-6000 rpm. Inverter motor control allows high torque at low spindle speeds for tool steel applications while providing maximum horsepower at high rpms for non-ferrous or finishing cuts.

Millennium Machine Tool Co, Racine, WI, circle 225.

Modular turning

The Ultra-Center turning machine offers the exact configuration that the user needs to produce a single part in high volume, multiple families of parts in small lot sizes, or any variation in-between for parts with diameters up to 14.5" and lengths to 72". The most basic machine configuration is a two-axis chucker or universal.

One practical option is an ATC that exchanges complete sets of tooling in 30 seconds or less. A second right hand spindle option provides distinct single-setup part processing advantage on parts that require machining on both ends. Dissimilar parts can also be machined at the same time. Choosing powered rotary tools, such as drills, mill, and taps, permits users to complete secondary operations in a single setup.

Other modular options include additional turrets to boost metal removal rates with four-axis, single-spindle turning or 4-axis, twin-spindle machining. Automatic bar feed is available for continuous stock feeding and cutting. Gantry loading/unloading, automatic tool probes, and part gaging systems are other available options.

Monarch Sidney, OH, circle 226.


The Willemin W 138 four-axis CNC multispindle micro-machining center can machine five faces of small, high precision parts in a single setup. With up to eight vertical spindles (two of which can be inclinable) and up to eight horizontal spindles, the W 138 handles machining requirements of complex, miniature components in XYZ axes with XYZ travel of 31" x 6" x 6", as well as rotating parts on an index table, adding C-axis capability.

The high-precision C-axis table is driven by a backlash-free worm gear and powered by an AC motor. Cartridge-type spindles run on pre-loaded tapered roller bearings. All spindle speeds are variable, up to 12,000 rpm with a 3 hp motor for each group of four spindles. The machine is equipped with a NUM 720 or 750 numerical control with a Fanuc control available on request.

Cosa Corp, Montvale, NJ, circle 214.

Air bearing spindles

Dover Instrument's series of air bearing spindles consumes less than 0.2 scfm air at 80 psi. Spindles are comparable in size with small mechanical spindles and are rated at velocities of up to 20,000 rpm. The ultraprecision low-flow air bearing spindles are available for flight height testing, servo writers, head testers, optical mastering, and other disk applications.

Dover Instrument Corp, Westboro, MA, circle 212.

Traveling gantry

The HVC-4020 traveling gantry CNC double-column machine machines five sides of a workpiece in a single setup. The HVC-4020 gantry features X travels up to 196" and table load capacity of 27,500 lb. Higher load capacities than traditional C-frame machines are possible because the table is fixed on the machine.

Features include a 50 Taper, 60 automatic tool changer, powerful 25 hp AC spindle motors, THK-brand heavy-duty linear guideways, high accuracy ballscrews and special support bearings, and 32-bit CNC controls.

Typical users of five-sided machines are airframe builders, engine manufacturers, package machinery builders, heat exchanger and boiler component manufacturers, construction machinery builders, and pump and valve manufacturers.

AWEA Machine Systems USA, Clinton, CT, circle 215.

Replacement spindles

GMN Whitnon Spindle Div is continuing to stock and service high-frequency replacement spindles for Heald Internal Grinders. A catalog of spindle sizes and accessories and support systems enables users to match, select, and order spindles according to dimensional drawings for Heald Internal Grinders. Also shown are motor data, spindle dimensions, and matching Quill Codes. In addition, Heald replacement quills for HE series units and brackets are listed in dimensional tables matched to machine model numbers.

GMN Whitnon Spindle Div, Farmington, CT, circle 216.

Long work envelope

Machining long workpieces (up to 43 feet long) from shaft, plate, flatstock, or roundstock isn't a problem with the LBZ Travel Master vertical machining center from Helmut Fischer. Powered by a 10 hp 6000 rpm geared spindle, the TraveI Master enables the user to perform machining operations such as drilling, tapping, reaming, milling, boring, or counterboring without breaking the setup. For shorter parts, production can be increased by making multiple setups along the table and machining several parts per cycle.

The Travel Master has a 22-position ATC with 2.5 second tool change time, 466 ipm XY rapid rate and 312 ipm for Z axis. Traveling column design enables the Travel Master to accommodate very heavy workpieces. The machine features Fanuc OMC control and Fanuc drives and motors.

Redlin & Co, St Charles, IL, circle 220.

Cutting fluids

TruCool cutting fluids are totally oil-free and completely biodegradable and can be used in virtually all general and heavy-duty machining operations. TruCool cutting fluids will not turn tacky or gummy in the machine, contain a highly complex biocide package--which eliminates rancidity in the sump--and penetrate to the cutting tool increasing tool life and performance. TruCool cutting fluids can be extended with water up to 25:1 and eliminate the need for vapor degreasing as part of the customer's cleaning process. TruCool fluids are available in 5, 30, and 55 gallon drums.

ReliabOil, Rockford, IL, circle 218.

Coated superabrasives

Radiac Abrasives has introduced its patented process for titanium-nitride coating for superabrasives, which may be used in applications using uncoated products such as high speed steels, super alloys for aerospace, composite material, and carbides. When compared with electroplated superabrasive products, superabrasives coated with TiN are said to consume 20% less power on the grinding machine, run 10% cooler, and extend grinding wheel life up to three times.

Radiac Abrasives, Aurora, IL, circle 219.

Camless CNC chucker

Two camless CNC multi-spindle machines from Shimada are said to rival cam-operated multi-spindle machines in productivity. Shimada's CN-660 is a camless six-spindle automatic chucker that can perform complicated operations such as contouring and single-point threading. Collet capacity is 2.36" (60 mm). The 15-hp motor generates 3000 rpm.

The B6-27NC machine is a camless CNC six-spindle automatic lathe for bar fed work. Bar capacity is 1.06" (27 mm) and the spindle motor is 15 hp and 2500 rpm. The Fanuc O-TTC control gives the added flexibility to perform complicated operations such as contouring and single-point threading.

Rem Sales Inc, E Granby, CT 06026, circle 221.
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