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Multi-nozzle presses for large foam or solid parts.

A large-platen press series suitable for gas-assist or structural-foam molding of large parts will be unveiled by Wilmington Machinery, Wilmington, N.C. Its new Lumina LP series comes with platen sizes up to 110 x 200 in. and shot capacities to 300 lb. The line has Wilmington's new Versafil independent nozzle control, which makes it easy to configure the machine for sequential filling. The system also features an improved five-cylinder clamp system that reportedly makes it easier to convert the press from structural-foam to gas-assist processing. The nozzles have been redesigned and access to them improved to reduce mold-change and setup times.

Wilmington will also unveil its NextGen series of large-platen machines for molding large solid and foam parts weighing up to 150 lb. These two-platen units feature AC vector-driven single or dual extruders, combined with two-stage hydraulic accumulator injection. Tel: (910) 452-5090 * PT Direct: 312AX

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Title Annotation:Injection Molding
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:May 1, 2006
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