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Multi-channel I/O modules offer speedy connections. (Computers & plastics).

Acromag's new BusWorks 900MB series analog and discrete I/O modules feature a high-speed Modbus-RTU network interface. The multi-channel I/O modules reportedly lower cost per channel and allow high-density DIN-rail mounting. Analog input and output modules offer four independent channels for signal conditioning and process control applications, and 12-channel discrete I/O modules provide on/off monitoring and control of industrial devices. Discrete input modules transmit discrete level data to other network devices or controllers, while discrete output modules can activate local alarms. High-speed RS-485 communication permits data transfers up to 115K baud.

Analog input modules monitor DC current, voltage, millivolt, or thermocouple sensor inputs and provide alarm outputs if conditions exceed user-defined limits. According to the manufacturer, analog output modules are ideal for controlling a wide variety of industrial machinery. The host defines the output of DC voltage or current signals to control speed, flow, temperature, frequency, level, force, torque, intensity, and many other properties.

Microcontrollers plus optically isolated input, output, power, and network circuits increase noise/transient immunity and prevent ground loops. Status LEDs provide diagnostic feed-back and visually indicate which channels are outside their calibrated range. In addition, watchdog timer functions allow the application to define the module's fail-safe output state. The watchdog timer invokes the failsafe condition when communication between the host and module exceeds a duration specified by the application. For further security, a second hardware watchdog timer monitors the microcontroller for failed operations and automatically resets the unit.

Series 900 I/O modules are compatible with human-machine interface (HMI) software packages that support Modbus communication.
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Title Annotation:Acromag's new BusWorks 900MB
Comment:Multi-channel I/O modules offer speedy connections. (Computers & plastics).(Acromag's new BusWorks 900MB )
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Date:Jul 1, 2001
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