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Multi purpose international MPI series.

Greater volumetric efficiency

MPI Series


* Power--200 VA to 900 VA

* Dielectric Strength--4000 Vrms Hipot

* Dual Secondaries-Series or Parallel

* Electrostatic Shield

* Insulation Class F, 155[degrees] C

Design Features

* Insulation Class F, 155[degrees] C

* Agency Certified UL, CSA and TUV

* Leakage Current [a] <100 micro Amps

* Touch Safe Terminals (IP20 Type)

RoHS Compliant



The MPI series transformers feature higher volumetric efficiency for improved performance compared with the conventional 50/60Hz transformers. They also incorporate international safety features making them ideal for worldwide applications. The MPI series can easily be modified to your specific application.

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              VA        Secondary RMS Rating

Part Number  Size      Series        Parallel

MPI-200-24   200   24 VCT @ 8.3A   12V @ 16.6A

MPI-250-230  250   230 VCT @ 1.1A  115V @ 2.2A

MPI-300-16   300   16 VCT @ 18.1A   8V @ 36.2A

MPI-400-230  400   230 VCT @ 1.7A  115V @ 3.4A

MPI-650-48   200   48 VCT @ 13.5A  24V @ 27.1 A

MPI-900-12   900   12 VCT @ 75.0A  6V @ 150.0A


Part Number     Length        Width         Height

MPI-200-24   3.75 (95.3)   4.46 (113.3)  3.66 (93.1)

MPI-250-230  4.12 (104.8)  4.13 (104.9)  3.86 (98.2)

MPI-300-16   4.12 (104.8)  4.45 (113.1)  3.86 (98.2)

MPI-400-230  4.12 (104.8)  5.04 (128.1)  3.86 (98.2)

MPI-650-48   5.25 (133.3)  4.70 (119.4)  4.63 (117.8)

MPI-900-12   5.25 (133.3)  5.50 (139.7)  4.63 (117.8)

Part Number  RoHS Compliant     Weight

MPI-200-24        Yes        6.22 (2.82)

MPI-250-230       Yes        6.76 (3.07)

MPI-300-16        Yes        7.80 (3.54)

MPI-400-230       Yes        9.82 (4.46)

MPI-650-48        Yes        14.83 (6.73)

MPI-900-12        Yes        19.84 (9.01)

Modification to standard parts and custom design available on request.
Consult our customer service center to discuss your specific

Electrical schematics, mechanical outlines and data sheets available on

PRONTO 24-hour Shipment

Pronto 24-Hour Shipment: Our PRONTO shipment program is simple. We ship off-the-shelf products within 24 hours and in most cases the same day! Signal maintains an extensive finished goods inventory that enables us to ship small volume orders from stock. We are able to make this commitment because we constantly replenish our inventory through a computerized MRP system that computes inventory/production schedules to match our customers requirements. Large production orders are conservatively scheduled to ensure meeting JIT or any delivery requirements, even those with tight lead times. In fact, each year over 20,000 orders are shipped to satisfied customers - on time, every time.

Additional part numbers can be found on our website at

You can place your orders direct, with full confidence on our secure optimized website. To place an order simply use our unique part attribute search engine, find just the right part, click on the item enter the quantity and click checkout. Most product can be shipped next day.

Contact us for your next wire wound magnetic application - we can help!
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