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Mullets ban isn't barking.

Byline: George Galloway

A RABBINICAL court in the orthodox Jewish quarter of Jerusalem last week ordered a dog to be stoned to death because the judge held it was possessed by the spirit of a secular lawyer who insulted the court 20 years before.

While the story did not attract the media opprobrium it would have done if it had been a Muslim Sharia court, I can give you the, for some, happy news that the dog fled.

No such luck for the mutts in the Islamic Republic of Iran following the fatwa against "slobbering" dogs, medallions on men, and "mullet" haircuts.

Religious monitors have been sent out to "crack down" upon all three offences.

Let us take each of these important judgments in turn.

It is not considered Islamic to keep a dog in the house. A working dog is fine but in a kennel outside. With this judgment I concur, M'Lud.

Being of my age and class I have never worn a medallion.

My daughter insists that a photo of me as a teenager wearing a St Christopher is extant but I told her to beware of the enemy's skill with Photoshop. So I reckon the mullahs have got that right.

The third judgment was thought by some to be harsh but that's because Tehran's fashionability is on a par with Alloa circa 1974.

As far as I'm concerned the "mullet" should be banned in every country, for all eternity. Perhaps the picture editor, at the risk of harming sales, might illustrate for younger readers the perils of the "mullet". So there's no other way of putting this, I'm with the mullahs - and the Rabbi, of course.


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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 20, 2011
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