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Relationship redo: tempted to get back together with your ex? reunite the right way... Apr 1, 2017 545
Halt horrifying habits: people peeving ya with their annoying antics? Here are six wags to deal. Oct 1, 2012 651
Do you commit ... or quit? When the going gets tough, do you dig in--or opt out? Oct 1, 2012 1006
Are you really ready for a change? Sick of the same old, same old? Find out if a change up is truly right for Y-O-U. Aug 1, 2012 1001
How well do you know your BFF? Do you and your girl really get each other? Take this quiz together and find out! Jun 1, 2012 897
Don't be a stress mess! Chill, chica! How to handle any end-o'-year pickle while staying cool as a cucumber. Apr 1, 2012 899
Hands off! Is your guy too grabby? Here's how to (nicely) say no way to his PDA. Feb 1, 2012 685
Is she your frenemy? Your bud's behavior runs hot and cold--but is she really out to get ya? Dec 1, 2011 966
Perfect--or player? Is your guy golden ... or too good to be true? Take this quiz to find out! Oct 1, 2011 960
Snag your perfect guy this year! Seven no-fail ways to land the BF who's right for you! Aug 1, 2011 945
Summer friends for-evah! Keep your summer friendships rollin'! Here's how to stay close ... even when you're far apart. Jul 30, 2011 613
What's your flirt style? When it comes to catchin' your guy's eye, what's your vibe? Jun 1, 2011 978
Savor that summer flavor: 20 super simple ways to enjoy the sunny season. Jun 1, 2011 1341
Does your crew work for you? Are you and your friends a perfect fit? Take this quiz to see if your group's golden. Apr 1, 2011 1079
Make Mom's day: 20 fab ways to show your mom she rocks. Apr 1, 2011 1184
What a guy wants: listen up! Real boys reveal their deep-down desires about dating--and what they wish for in a GF! Feb 1, 2011 855
What's your magic number? Want a sneak peek into your lab future? Its as easy as 1-2-3 ... Feb 1, 2011 1842
Are you good at being grateful? When it comes to countin' those blessings, is your attitude all about gratitude--or could you stand to give a li'l more thanks? Dec 1, 2010 1044
Choose your chill-out! Tired of trying to do it all 24-7? 20 tips to give your brain and bod a break. Dec 1, 2010 989
Your ultimate guy decoder: when it comes to confusing boy behavior, there may be more than meets the eye. Figure him out now.... Apr 1, 2010 669
Standout sweeties: the six friends every girl needs to complete her crew. Feb 1, 2010 630
Are you or aren't you? Unsure of your GF status? Get your guy to open up about his feelings for you. Feb 1, 2010 663
Find your inner super hero! GL's gutsy go-for-your-goals guide to bein' the best you can be. Dec 1, 2009 1014
Shine from the start! Want to make a great first impression? Here are GL's super-secret strategies to help ya glow from the get-go. Aug 1, 2009 599
What's your decision-making move? When the choice is yours, do you go about it the right way? Take this quiz to find out! Apr 1, 2009 1115
What's your cash-itude? Are you a smart saver or a big spender? Take this quiz to find out your money mindset. Apr 1, 2009 1211
Relationship redo: tempted to get back together with your ex? Here's how to reunite the right way ... Feb 1, 2009 661
From oops to ok! Made a mistake? Whether it's mega or mini, here are five steps to fixin' any foul-up. Feb 1, 2009 589
Fix that sib sitch! Sis or bro driving you crazy? Here's GL'S guide to cutting the chaos within your clan. Feb 1, 2009 1782
Handle holiday hiccups: 'tis the season to be merry--not stressed over guy probs! Dec 1, 2008 674
Cram like a champ! The big test is on Monday, and you feel overwhelmed. Give us a few days, and we'll show you the speedy way to an A. Dec 1, 2008 587
What's your 2009 love resolution: wanna make this the year of rochin' romance? Take this quiz to figure out how! Dec 1, 2008 1138
Oh, the horror! Trick or treat? With boys, you can get a li'l bit of both. Here's how to keep your dream date from turning into a total nightmare. Oct 1, 2008 1185
Straight-up? Are you and your buds always up-front with each other? Or do you stay tight-lipped about the truth? Take this quiz to find out! Oct 1, 2008 1148
Who's your perfect guy? Which cutie is really right for you? You could be stunned by who's the one! Aug 1, 2008 1229
Cash in a flash! You and your bestie are stone-cold broke. No biggie! Here's how to rake in the bucks--as a team! Jun 1, 2008 608
The buddy snatcher: a mean girl is cozying up to your BFF. Are you doomed to be a third wheel--or is there a better way to deal? Jun 1, 2008 571
Friends? Or maybe more: wouldn't V Day be the perfect time to seal the deal with the guy friend you really want as a BF? Um, maybe. Before ya make a move, here's how to be certain. Feb 1, 2008 618
Shake the winter blahs: muddling thorough a mid-season melt-down? Your 'tude is due for a tune-up! Feb 1, 2008 1192
Is he a keeper ... or a playa? Flirt alert! Your guy's chattin' up another chica. How do you tell if he's just being friendly--or a low-down dawg? Dec 1, 2007 615
Don't dream it--do it! Why waste time imagining how great life would be ... if only all your wishes were to come true? Instead, take on a fresh-for-the-new-year game plan to make any dream an awesome reality! Dec 1, 2007 1296
Doin' the gang hang: you and the BF have called it quits--but you have all the same buds. Can you make do with him in your crew? Oct 1, 2007 601
Hey, ask away: the no-fail way to ask out that fox? Think outside the box--GL shows ya how. Oct 1, 2007 1423
What's your competition position? Is your vibe winner-takes-all, or are you ok with taking a fall? Oct 1, 2007 1305
Start me up: ten things you must do on the first day of school! Aug 1, 2007 916
Beat test stress! Freakin' over finals? Here are five sweet strategies to help you chill--and rock any exam! Jun 1, 2007 569
Are you the go-to girl? When your bud really needs to pour her heart out, are you all ears--or a little hard of hearing? Jun 1, 2007 1396
Oh, brother! Your bro is, without a doubt, the most annoying human being alive, right? And here comes summer, when you're stuck with him, like, from morning to night. Are you doomed to clash 300-style during the entire sweaty season? Nope. GL shows you how to throw down a peace order--once and for all. Jun 1, 2007 1787
Just like mom? Not! Apr 1, 2007 1524
Forget him ... fast! So he dropped you outta the blue? Totally no biggie--you can get past the pain pronto. Promise. Feb 1, 2007 746
Do you go for the best ... or settle for less? Are you scorin' all the great stuff you deserve in life--or playin' it super safe? Feb 1, 2007 999
The secret's out! You thought your deepest secret was safe with your girl ... but she spilled. Dec 1, 2006 352
My BFF and I have always spent New Year's Eve at her house watching the ball drop. But this year, I want to mix it up. Dec 1, 2006 273
Are you cool with change? Can you snowboard smoothly over all the unexpected twists and turns 2007 is bound to throw your way--or does the idea of change totally wipe you out? Dec 1, 2006 1379
Make it or break it. Oct 1, 2006 556
Are you the real you? Do you mold yourself to fit in--or do you so not give a hoo-ha about what people think of you? Oct 1, 2006 1134
New pal corral. Aug 1, 2006 650
Summer lovin' ... have a blast! Jun 1, 2006 557
Can your crush go the distance? You scoped out a super-hottie, and now you're flirtin' up a storm. Yep, all signs show you'll have an official BF before the end of summer. Or do they? Jun 1, 2006 1134
The no-go guys: some guys are mega-cute, smart, funny ... and totally off limits! Is the guy you dig outta bounds? Apr 1, 2006 631
Are you a take-charge gal? Is being in control the way you roll--or does taking the lead totally freak you out? GL's quiz can pinpoint how you master your universe. Apr 1, 2006 1317
It's hip to be happy! Want to feel awesome every single day? You can--here's how to make it happen. Apr 1, 2006 1358
Get lucky! Quit lookin' over that four-leaf clover. We clue you in on the real secrets to getting yourself some groovy breaks. Feb 1, 2006 1212
Double dreams. Dec 1, 2005 667
Um ... help please? Dec 1, 2005 588
The GL holiday hassle survival guide: holiday time is a guaranteed jingle bell-ringin' blast, right? MMM not so fast. Dec 1, 2005 1105
Too close for comfort? Spending 24/7 with your BFF seems like the ideal sitch, right? Maybe not. Oct 1, 2005 935
Oops! Can I do it again? Embarrassing boy moment? We all have them! Here's how to save face ... and your romance. Oct 1, 2005 554
Baggin' that naggin': feel like the rents are on your case 24/7? Here's how to deal--and get along with 'em way better. Oct 1, 2005 1278
Don't get dissed! Nasty insults, cruel teasing, mega-burns--whatever the diss, you CAN dismiss it. Oct 1, 2005 1363
Rev up your rep: no doubt, you're already fab. But there's always room for an awesome image-bustin' change for the better. This school year, make that leap! Aug 1, 2005 1173
Gotcha covered: you've got your BFF's back 24/7, right? So when is it cool to slide your girl an alibi--and when is it not? Apr 1, 2005 460
BFF dilemma of the month: whenever I do something wrong, my mom blames my friends. I'm losing them because we can't hang out anymore. Apr 1, 2005 230
How fab is your style? Apr 1, 2005 81
Don't panic! Apr 1, 2005 581
Do you rush to crush? Boy cah-razy? Super-choosy? Or somewhere in the middle? Apr 1, 2005 1263
He's so into you ... or is he? Five foolproof, rarely wrong clues you can use right this very second to figure out if your crush digs you ... Feb 1, 2005 911
Talk it like you walk it! Feb 1, 2005 612
Can your bud truly count on you? Think you've got your BFF's back 24/7? take this quiz to be sure she can depend on you in any sitch. Feb 1, 2005 1165
Bust that burnout! Feb 1, 2005 1095
Kick the cliques! This school year, why not be that supercool chick who has friends in every single crew? Oct 1, 2004 652
The best-bud barometer: you and your bud are closer than this? You two are so tight you finish each other's sentences? Grab two pens, and give each other one point for each correct answer What you learn about your girl might surprise you. Jun 1, 2004 545
Are you up for a challenge? How go-for-it are you when it comes to trying new, exciting and challenging activities this summer? Take this quiz and find out! Jun 1, 2004 645
Is your summer crush a keeper? How can you tell whether he's just good times for now--or worth hanging with past beach season? This quiz will shed some light. Jun 1, 2004 651
We love summer! Jun 1, 2004 222
My summer crush! Jun 1, 2004 343
Do you give good bud 911? Are you as helpful as you can be when your pal is in a jam? Rock this quiz, and you'll find out! Then read on to learn even better ways to lend a hand. Jun 1, 2004 695
Be the hot chick (in 10 simple steps): want to be instantly cuter and cooler? Then you gotta get it right in your head, young lady. These 10 simple tricks will help you transform from ok to oh-wow ... right now. Jun 1, 2004 1770
Wipe out guilt! Vow to sweep away that icky emotion that's cluttering your path to true happiness. Here's how! Apr 1, 2004 1424
The secret language of like: sneaky ways to let your crush know you pig him--without saying a word! Feb 1, 2004 1256
Ending the Mom wars: deja vu. Are you at odds with a parent over the same prob ... over again? Here's how to make peace, once and for all. Feb 1, 2004 890
Flirt alert: which signals are you sending? Do the boys you're chattin' up see you as a smart, sassy, together chick ... or something else? Oct 1, 2003 1624
Stop sweating the small stuff. Aug 1, 2003 1486
The popularity equation. Aug 1, 2003 1881
True confessions: honesty is the best policy. But what if the truth hurts? Here's how to lay hard-to-spill stuff on your BFF without hurting her--or your friendship! (Friends). Jun 1, 2003 664
My room. Dec 1, 2002 1026
Shopping with the enemy. (Shopping With Your Mom A Survival Guide). Aug 1, 2002 1575
Older and bolder: over the summer, you'll have opps to meet all kinds of new girls, not just the ones who are in your grade. And that means you might make friends who are a little bit younger--or older. Hmmm. (GL Friends). Jun 1, 2002 1374
Can you think like your guy?: Rate your level of dude knowledge. (Quiz). Apr 1, 2002 2047

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