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Muggeridge, Malcolm (Thomas).

Muggeridge, Malcolm [Thomas]

(1903 - ) English writer. As his two volumes of autobiography, collectively titled Chronicles of Wasted Time ( The Green Stick, 1972; The Infernal Grove, 1973), document, Muggeridge had a varied career as a teacher, gossip columnist, novelist, editor of Punch, filmmaker, and social commentator. He embraced and rejected utopian socialism and Soviet communism and, by the mid - 1960s, had become an apostle of nondenominational Christianity. Both his social and his spiritual concerns are evident in Christ and the Media (1977). Throughout his varied career, Muggeridge was known as a consistently polished and prolific writer and as a relentless iconoclast. Things Past (1978) is an anthology, arranged chronologically, of short stories and political and social commentary. Among his other notable works are A Twentieth - Century Testimony (1979) and Like It Was (1981), an edition of his diaries.

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Date:Jan 1, 1987
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