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Mud glorious mud? No, it's a hazard.

IS it beyond the wit of our councils' planning departments to stop developers creating disgraceful road conditions by inserting clauses into planning permission? All they have to do is make it conditional on planning permission being granted that developers must install some sort of sluice or lorry-bath at their site exits, forcing trucks to drive through and cleaning mud off their wheels before they spread it for hundreds of yards on our roads . Local company Scott Brothers has such a facility and though all their lorries are in and out of their site at Portrack all day long, there never seems to be the slightest trail on surrounding roads.

Will cars this mud accident against caused The new development at Swan's Corner, however, is a positive hazard. In places there is so much mud on the road it is inches thick.

Not that this site is any great exception. The default position of most developers appears to be to do absolutely nothing until lots of people have complained at which point they trundle out a useless roadsweeper dribbling less water than most people gargle with, which smears tiny skidding on and having an have any claim builders who the road conditions? tracks through the mud and evens it out slightly.

Have we all seen those American films where the truck drives through the city streets spraying mighty amounts of water to clean up all the debris? Is it just because our operators can't be bothered to refill their trucks so they make sure it lasts all day, even if it's not doing any good? Councils have the power - why don't they use it? The bad weather is almost upon us so it'll only get worse from now on. Will any cars skidding on this mud and having an accident have any claim against the builders who caused the dangerous road conditions? I would love to see them held accountable. The mud is only there because they refuse to spend one penny that they're not forced to.

JOHN GROOM, Nunthorpe

forcing trucks and off all at which out a Will cars skidding on this mud and having an accident have any claim against builders who caused the road conditions?

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Sep 30, 2017
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