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Mud Boots.

Whether he's working in the garden or walking in the woods, editor Russell Mullin appreciates a quality pair of boots, and LaCrosse's Alpha Range Air Circ boots are certainly that. Premium rubber and neoprene come together to create a boot that's comfortable, functional, and ready to work, while the Air-Circ System uses a quick-drying mesh liner to circulate air in the boot to keep feet cooler and drier.

The outsole was built to shed mud, which is especially handy during rainy days. "Sticky clay soil is common where I live, and there's nothing quite as tiring as trudging around with a few pounds of clay caked to my boots, so I appreciate that these don't hold the mud as readily."

Russell also appreciates features that maximize comfort and functionality. "The gusset allows me to adjust how they fit around my calves, which helps keep water, dirt, and hay from entering the boots from the top."



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Title Annotation:Country Store; LaCrosse Alpha Range Air Circ boots
Article Type:Product/service evaluation
Date:Nov 1, 2018
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