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Muchamore, Robert. Maximum Security.

MUCHAMORE, Robert. Maximum security. (CHERUB: Mission 3.) Simon & Schuster. 295p. c2005.0-689-87781-1. $5.99. J

The third book, or third mission, in the CHERUB series features the return of James Adams, hero of The Recruit and The Dealer, missions one and two. This time around younger sister Lauren joins James, eager to head out on her first assignment. The classified mission takes them to the US to infiltrate a juvenile detention center and help capture an international arms thief. To complicate matters, the third CHERUB agent assigned to the case is removed, leaving James and Lauren to lead the mission. The CHERUBs must rely on fast thinking and physical prowess to work their way through situations of incredible danger. From police barricades and brutal bikers to chaotic and confusing showdowns, will they ever be able to claim their mission accomplished?

Muchamore sets a fast pace with difficult obstacles for the agents from the very first chapter. It includes British slang, reflective of the London-based CHERUB agents.

This novel would be a welcome addition to collections in both public and school libraries and will appeal to YA readers looking for stories with action and suspense. Themes of love and friendship, deception and loyalty are explored. Holley Wiseman, MLS, Columbus, OH
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Author:Wiseman, Holley
Article Type:Children's review
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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