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Muchamore, Robert: New Guard (Cherub).

Muchamore, Robert

New Guard (Cherub)

Hodder, 2016, pp320, 12.99 [pounds sterling]

978 1 444 91412 2

Fast-paced from start to finish, with an abundance of thrills and the return of much-loved former agents, this final explosive chapter in the CHERUB series will not disappoint Muchamore's fans. New Guard starts off on a slow burn, with a mission based in a children's home where the Sharma twins are hoping to recruit new agents, but by the time we return to Cherub campus to see James Adams set up in his office as mission controller, the pace of the action increases, and I was turning pages at quite a rate!

James Adams and Ryan Sharma must set up one final mission for the Cherub agents, meaning that readers will get to see the comic interaction between the now-retired agents Lauren, Bruce, Kyle and Kerry and the 'new kids on the block'. This is especially good in their training sessions, when the oldies take on the newbies (couldn't help rooting for the oldies!) Muchamore's dialogue is one of the real strengths of the book, it zips back and forth and has a ring of authenticity. The last mission, set in Iraq, is well-written and pacy with lots of great action sequences: explosions, helicopters, gunfights, etc. I also liked that Muchamore made reference to the emotional impact of engaging in a warzone.

Although many who read this book will be CHERUB aficionados, it's worth noting that it is possible to start the series with this book, as Muchamore gives enough character information and background so that even newcomers to the series (like me!) can get stuck in to what is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Some swearing, mild sexual references and violence, as you might expect from a Muchamore book, but nothing too graphic.

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Author:Murray, Ciara
Publication:School Librarian
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Date:Sep 22, 2016
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