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Much Anticipated Video Package Released!

Fifteen year-old opens fire in classroom, kills three. Unfortunately, this headline is far too familiar to all of us. But how do you avoid violence happening in your facility or center? ACA is pleased to announce the release of the Cage Your Rage for Juveniles Video Package.

Designed to complement the Cage Your Rage for Teens workbook, this video package identifies four critical areas necessary for helping youths learn to identify and control their anger, which often leads to rage and violence. The first part of this package helps juveniles examine themselves and the roots of their anger, because anger learned often is anger repeated. Part 2 helps them learn how their anger, turns into rage and leads to aggressive behavior. Part 3 helps youths learn to analyze situations and develop potential responses to their anger by using self-talk. Part 4 helps juveniles learn other ways to manage their anger properly. The package includes a comprehensive leader's guide for the video program and a copy of the workbook.

As previously mentioned, this new video package complements the best-selling Cage Your Rage for Teens workbook. This workbook is designed to help juveniles understand and deal with anger. By recording their feelings and actions, teens learn to recognize and control their anger. Chapters discuss what causes anger, growing up with anger, how emotions develop, relaxation and managing anger. Additional topics include claming others, compromise, staging and signposting, self-talk, and feeling and action controls. An instructor's manual, titled Setting the Stage: How to Deliver an Anger Management Program, is available for leading teens through this excellent program.

The Cage Your Rage for Juveniles Video Package, item #712-CT00, is available for $265. The Cage Your Rage for Teens Workbook, item #555-CT00, is available to nonmembers for $10.50 and $8.40 for ACA members. The instructors manual, #576-CT00, is available for $50 to nonmembers and $40 to ACA members.
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Date:Jul 1, 2000
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