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Ms Wiz Goes to Hollywood and the Sister of Doom.

MS WIZ GOES TO HOLLYWOOD and MS WIZ AND THE SISTER OF DOOM. Terence Blacker. 1999/2001. Read by Suzy Aitchison. 2 tapes. 1.25 hrs. Chivers North America. 0-7540-5253-2. $21.95. Vinyl; plot, reader notes. J

A popular series in England, the Ms Wiz books are all about a former teacher at St. Barnabas School. Now a wife and mother, Ms Wiz has promised her husband not to use magic, but former students often do need her assistance. In Ms Wiz and the Sister of Doom (book # 13), St. Barnabas students are thrilled that Ms Wiz is back to teaching--even though her hair is now blonde and she seems slightly strange. But after she turns former student Podge Harris into a pumpkin and disappears, classmates Jack and Caroline discover that this blonde teacher is not Ms Wiz; she's actually her evil sister, Barbara.

Ms Wiz Goes to Hollywood is book #14 and in it she lends a hand to young Shelley Kelly, who wins a trip to the glitzy city and hopes to rub elbows with her favorite movie stars. The only thing stranger than Hollywood turns out to be the antics of Ms Wiz.

Read in plummy tones by British actress Suzy Aitchison, these silly stories will entertain middle grade listeners. Aitchison's comfort with the characters, British accent, and ability to keep the story rollicking along are well matched with the zany antics of Ms Wiz and her cohorts. Bette D. Ammon, Director, Missoula P.L., Missoula, MT
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Author:Ammon, Bette D.
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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