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Mrs. Clinton Visit: Pak-US Tension Defused?

Sweden, Oct. 23 -- On October 21, 2011 US Sectary of state Mrs. Hilary Clinton led heavy delegation concluded its two days visit to Pakistan. Probably, the visit was aiming to defuse the prevailing and increasing tension between two capitals. During this visit Director of CIA Chief, David Petraeus and the newly appointed Military Chief, General Martin Dempsey Mran accompanied Mrs. Clinton.

The delegation held meetings with, President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Pakistan's military chief and ISI Chief. US Sectary also carried out talks with senior media anchors, students and belonging to the different segments of civil society.

The relations between two frontline allies of war on terror became strain after the conduct of unilateral action against OBL. Later on, Washington alleged Pakistani spy agency (ISI) for supporting Taliban against US led ISAF forces and launching attack on US embassy and killing 77 US troops in Afghanistan. American top levels have given also threatened that ground operations would be launched against Haqqani network in Pakistani administrated area in case Pakistani military do not stop n providing assistance to Taliban and Haqqani network.

Political leadership irrespective of differences displayed solidarity against US threat and in an "All Parties Conference (APC)". The APC has given clear message through a unanimous statement while rejecting US allegations leveled against vital organs and allowing armed forces to respond any US misadventure against Pakistan with their full strength. US Sectary of State, Hillary Clinton has earlier too visited Islamabad on May 27, 2011 under a much stressed environment and tried to take out the animosity and bridge the gap but despite her efforts trust deficit could not be removed between two frontline allies.

However, this time Pakistan's strong stand of not accepting any dictation over Waziristan operation and reluctance of taking any action against Haqqani network forced American to back out from their propagated stance over the issue.

In this connection Mrs. Hilary Clinton acknowledged categorically: (one) US doesn't has any evidence of involvement of ISI in attacking US Embassy, (two) US will never launch any ground operation in North Waziristan or on Pakistani soil, (three) acknowledged the Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Ashfaq Parvez Kayani statement in which he asserted on October 20,2011 that Pakistan is the country's that has nuclear weapon capability and the United States would think "10 times'' before launching a unilateral attack on Pakistan, (four) terrorists heavens are located both side of the boundaries,(five) CIA was also having links with Haqqani network and lastly Pakistan and Afghanistan stability is essential for the regional and global peace.

Hina Rabbbani Khar told a press conference with the US Sectary of State that Paksitan is a sovereign state and any operation in any part of the country will be carried out after seeking approval from the parliament. Pakistan also demanded that US should ask Afghan government to stop Maulana Fazal Ullah and other terrorists of launching attacks on Pakistani troops and innocent people.

In fact US should know that Pakistani people have now become very allergic of listening "Do More Music". During Clinton visit serious talks converted into big laugh when in the "town hall" meeting of Islamabad, a Pakistani woman told Clinton that the US acted like Pakistan's mother-in-law. In this connection a girl from Khyber Pakhtune Khawa said, "We are trying to please you, and every time you come and visit us you have a new idea and tell us, 'You are not doing enough and need to work harder,'" she said, triggering laughter and applause. I think Mrs. Clinton just like an experienced and seasonal diplomat must have read the underline message of the girl, which is actual the mind set of our whole nation regarding America.

Thus, now it is US turn to "Do More" while announcing: early schedule of departure from this region, restoring true democracy in Afghanistan, real stake holders of Afghan issue be taken into confidence, policy of reconciliation be introduced instead of using military option. Moreover, Indian role in Afghanistan need to be restricted and checked since Pakistan intelligentsia has confirmed news that Mossad, RAW and CIA are using Afghan soil for launching clandestine operations in Balochistan, Karachi and rest of the Pakistan.

A major dilemma for the US in Afghanistan is to reconcile the conflicting security interests of India and Pakistan. Afghanistan has become a major source of friction because Indian and Pakistani differences over Pakistan's western neighbour had never been given due concentration in any triangular strategic talks series between US, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The two countries have long competed for influence in Afghanistan and Pakistan is deeply suspicious of a rise in India's presence after the fall of the Taliban in 2001. Pakistan has the evidence that India is using Afghanistan as her base to create problems inside Pakistan, including backing separatists in Baluchistan province. In this connection, Afghanistan puppet's President Hamid Karzai is providing shelters to the Indian and Balochi terrorists. US policy makers if serious in establishing peace then they should modify their AF-Pak policy in consultation of real stake holders. She must also know that Karazi is not serious in establishing peace in Afghanistan.

The assassination of Rabbani, the head of Afghanistan's High Peace Council who was killed on September 20, 2011 in a suicide attack, once again became big question mark to the peace believers. His murder was very suspicious since it is pointing figures towards President Palace of Kabul. In this regard President Karzai hurriedly leveled baseless allegations against Pakistani intelligence agencies and Haqqani network. President Karzai's statement described his frustration. In fact, it is an established fact that any peaceful solution of Afghanistan will end up the "Karazi rule and Indian role" in Afghanistan. Therefore, the efforts of Rabbani's peace solution brought India and Karazi on same footing which probably forced RAW and local ruling elite to make a plan of elimination Rabbani. Reportedly, Afghan president under the garb of dialogue process has called Rabbani to be in Kabul on the particular date, time and place.

Thus, we can very conveniently say that President Karzai is the main encumbrance in the way of establishment of peace in Afghan region. US if interested in the stability of Afghanistan then there is a need to transfer of powers to the actual representatives of Afghanistan and other regional stake holders. She must also realize that supporting India and giving her edge over Pakistan is also a major hindrance in restoring true and strategic relationship with Islamabad. Now there is need to evolve some kind of mechanism that can put brakes on continuously worsening relations between US and Pakistan. In this connection US foreign office should control her political elite like Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin, Chief of intelligence agency and military officials of stop alleging and fomenting negative and propaganda against Pakistan and its institutions like ISI and Armed forces.

The people, like Levin should know that Pakistan is a responsible nuclear power and is not an American state. He must know that today Pakistan has suffered the major loses in GWOT, its 140,000 troops are occupying over 821 posts, over 4000 soldiers include 63 intelligence personnel have been; over 30000 civilian have become victim of the forced wars in addition to the displacement of 3.44 million people.

Concluding, I would say that Hilary Clinton should play her positive role in establishing good relations between Pakistan and America since after all she has been awarded the title of "mother-in- law" of Pakistan.

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Date:Oct 23, 2011
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