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Mrs Thatcher's tricks; LETTER FROM THE PAST.

THERE is a time in the affairs of men when only straight talking is acceptable. Polices which are not clearly outlined, especially before or during an election, do not come into this category and devalue democracy.

Mrs Thatcher's package so patently designed to woo voters can only be described in these troubled times as nauseating.

Pegging mortgages at nine per cent while the rates of interest are at least four points higher leads one to ask: "Who is to pay to make up the deficit?" It cannot be the taxpayer, because the Conservatives clearly state that any extra tax burden frustrates initiative and enterprise. Mrs Thatcher's promise to deal with the high incidence of rates is equally outrageous.

I am concerned that the people of this country should face up to its problems. I mean all the people - industrialists, management and labour as well as politicians and the electorate that Mrs Thatcher apparently feels she can fool ad nauseam. EGP, Bartley Green Evening Mail, September 4, 1974
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jul 3, 2013
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