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Mrs Mop.

We scent our top taster to the shops to find the best lattes on's a guide to the hottest drinks

M&S instant latte

Made by adding water, this is frothy with a strong coffee taste. It is a good pick-me-up for the mornings and, unlike some of the others, does not have a sweet taste. It is higher in calories, with 100 per mug and 3.6g of fat, but it tastes lovely and deserves to be the winner.

Verdict: ****

Price: pounds 1.99 for eight

Available: Marks & Spencer

Maxwell House cafe latte

This is a smooth and velvety latte. It is made with milk so if you pop it in the microwave and stir in the contents your drink will be ready in two minutes.

It didn't froth as much as some of the others but it's creamy and sweet - perhaps a little too sweet for some. With 58 calories and 2.2g of fat, it's pleasant and feels like a treat. Good price too.

Verdict: ***

Price: pounds 1.49 for 10

Available: High street

Tesco cappuccino

I love the frothiness of this coffee - it is creamy and looks great. But the taste is a bit weak and overall it feels a bit unsubstantial and watery. I like the fact a cocoa shaker is included and it only has 65 calories and 2.2g of fat. Not a bad price either.

Verdict: ***

Price: pounds 1.47 for 10

Available: Tesco

Nescafe Cappuccino Skinny

This very frothy coffee comes with a chocco topping and looks great. It's called a skinny cappuccino as it only has 1g of fat and 58 calories but it is a bit weak on taste. I would prefer to drink the "fuller" options rather than the skinny. The price is also a bit more expensive.

Verdict: **

Price: pounds 2.18 for 10

Available: High street
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 9, 2008
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