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Mrs Mop; Cheesy does it with this week's top tests - Mrs Mop puts a selection of graters through their paces. Plus a top tip on making wasps buzz off.

ROTATING CHEESE GRATER If you're a fan of pasta dishes, this is the one for you.

Simply pop your parmesan inside and turn the handle to grate straight on to your plate. It has two blades: one for fine grating and another for coarse chopping.

The smooth action requires very little effort to operate.

It is also good for grating carrots for use in salads. As an added bonus it's dishwasher safe. Not ideal for grating large amounts, though.

Verdict: Price: pounds 8.80 Available: Lakeland GRATE 'N' STORE I loved this product. It's simple but sturdy in design so should last for years and years.

The sloped cutting surface is well thought out and there are three interchangeable blades to allow you to grate finely, coarsely or chop.

A safety food holder ensures there are no finger injuries and the grater itself acts as a lid on a collecting box for your food below. So there's no mess. Genius.

Verdict: Price: pounds 9.78 Available: Lakeland

GRATER is a great grater for amateur chefs. It four sharp grating surfaces all around a "tower".

With a non- slip base and grip at the top, it's to use and the bottom makes easy to transfer your food. It is as on citrus fruits as soft and hard cheeses veg. Great kit. pounds 16.95 www.

co. uk or call 811 811 for stockists CHARM GRATER This is a great product for the price.

There are two containers and two grating "lids", for coarse and fine grating. Removable sealing lids are also enclosed for saving any surplus grated food.

It's cheap, includes two graters for the price of one, and is incredibly easy to use.

The only gripe is that you have to grate horizontally instead of vertically. But you soon get used to it.

Verdict: Price: pounds 3.71 Available: IKEA
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Date:Jun 14, 2009
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