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Mr. Harper MIA on Climate Change.

Byline: Senator McCoy <>

H/t Impolitical for picking up the latest news story: Mr. Harper apparently failed to attend the UN summit meeting on climate change today, although he intends to eat dinner with his fellow heads of government this evening. Perhaps it's understandable, given that all eyes were on Mr. Obama and Mr. Hu Jintao (China). There would have been few photo ops for anyone else.

But there was good news coming out of the summit, nevertheless. The US President gave a rousing speech that called on all nations to take action quickly. China's leader also promised to take significant steps and, although he didn't pledge specific targets, he focused on midterm (2020) results. India appears to be coming round as well - its Environment Minister went so far as to declare "It is the height of dishonesty to have a target for 2050 because none of us will be around to be held accountable." His refreshing candour will be welcomed by many (myself included) who've been deploring the world's procrastination on responding to the climate change challenge.

In the meantime, the OECD has just published The Economics of Climate Change Mitigation. It reiterates earlier predictions that the world can indeed afford to meet the challenge, and addresses key elements of policy choices to be made along the way. Hopefully it will encourage laggards to get with the program.

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Date:Sep 22, 2009
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