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Mr. Greg Noval/.

In CA051, "Noval Comments on Recent Legal Action of Board of Directors

and Senior Management of Canadian 88 Energy Corp.", transmitted today at

14:00e, errors occurred as follows:

The date in the first sentence for the Statement of Claim read "July 28,

2001" and should have read "June 28, 2001".

In the last sentence of the release it read, "it not corrected" and

should have read, "if not corrected".

Also the Company line read "Canadian Superior Energy Inc." and should

have read, "Mr. Greg Noval"

Corrected copy follows:

Noval Comments on Recent Legal Action of Board of Directors and Senior

Management of Canadian 88 Energy Corp.

CALGARY, July 10 /PRNewswire/

- Mr. Noval and his legal Counsel have had an opportunity to review the Statement of Claim filed June 28, 2001 by Canadian 88 Energy Corp. The claim is an oppressive action and is without merit and Mr. Noval intends to file a Statement of Defence and a substantial Counterclaim in due course. Since founding Canadian 88 with $200,000.00 of seed capital approximating 14 year ago, Mr. Noval has worked tirelessly at great personal sacrifice and expense in the best interests of all shareholders to grow Canadian 88 into a several hundred million dollar enterprise endeavoring at all times to maximize value for Canadian 88 shareholders. This most recent action by Canadian 88 lacks credibility and is yet another step in an attempt to discredit Mr. Noval and to deflect attention away from the serious mismanagement of Canadian 88 by its senior management and Duke controlled Board of Directors. Mr. Noval, as a large shareholder of Canadian 88, is concerned that the management and Directors of Canadian 88 are continuing on a process that, if not corrected, will further erode value for all shareholders of Canadian 88.
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Publication:PR Newswire
Date:Jul 10, 2001
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