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Mr. Clean launches new wipe product: Power Multi-Surface Wipes offer better packaging, thicker design to meet customer frustration.

Eight years after the launch of Mr. Clean disinfectant wipes, Procter & Gamble is now launching a new household wipe product under the Mr. Clean brand that executives say better meets the needs of today's consumers. "Today's Mr. Clean Power Multi-Surface Wipes were inspired by common frustrations with the leading wipe. With Mr. Clean Power Multi-Surface Wipes, there are less snags, tears and chaining of the wipes," Glenn Williams, Mr. Clean external relations, said. "Also the canister opening does not pinch fingers."

During the past seven years, P&G has achieved tremendous successes in the household wipes cleaning category with its line of Swifter dry and wet floor cleaning cloths, but so far its role in the antibacterial wipes category has been limited. Now, as part of its campaign to make Mr. Clean its next million dollar brand, P&G sees great opportunity in the burgeoning wipes category, which represents more than $400 million in retail sales. To tap growth in this market, P&G is addressing common concerns and frustrations that many consumers have with current market offerings.

"Research found that while the consumer appreciated its convenience, they did not trust the leading wipe to provide an effective and deep clean for tough household messes," Mr. Williams said.

To create Mr. Clean MultiSurface Wipes, P&G leveraged expertise from many P&G divisions, including beauty and baby care, in the development of the substrate material used for the wipes sheet. The resulting product features a cloth-like texture for extra scrubbing power to clean tough messes inside, outside and all around the home, according to the company.

The substrate, P&G says, is 30% thicker than competing wipes, making the product ideal for tough messes such as baked-on stovetop spills, greasy fingerprints and grimy soap scum as well as tough outside jobs like grill surfaces and tools.

Also setting the multi-surface wipes apart from the competition is the new canister design, according to executives. The wider opening and easy dispensing design allow the user to remove the wipes one a time, like a tissue, with fewer snags and pinching, and the wipes are stacked on top of each other instead of in perforated rolls.


"From the consumer research P&G has conducted, yes, packaging innovation is a key driver in the household wipes market," Mr. Williams said. "Mr. Clean Power Multi-Surface Wipes feature new and improved packaging designed to solve any frustrations consumers might have experienced with their past wipes brand. P&G expects consumers to find that the better wipe is Mr. Clean Power Multi-Surface Wipe."

Mr. Clean Power Multi-Surface Wipes are available in a 27-count package with a suggested retail price of $2.99.

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Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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