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Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge:

(One of our readers asked us to review this website.)

Sheryl: Upon entering, "Amateur Night at the Apollo" came to mind and a vision of the Sand Man Sims using his fancy foot-work to push a contestant off stage at the request of the crowd. I first want to give kudos to the creator of the site for using the Internet to develop a place for African Americans to showcase poetry. BUT, if it is to one day become "the leading African American Poetry Site on the Net" as stated in the jumbled and hard to decipher "About Us Section" it definitely needs an emergency technological facelift! So, good try, but not yet "clickable".

Michelle: I agree. This was a great idea, and the poetry is promising (although some is a bit racy), but the overall presentation needs work. My suggestion is to ask for artwork to accompany poetry or solicit graphics from artists and photographers. By doing this, the site's owner will expand the audience and gain more habitual users, as the artists check the site to see if their works have posted. Also, add a little color to the site to spice it up a bit. The pop-up advertisement that covers the homepage is confusing users might think they've entered the wrong URL or that the site no longer exists.

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Date:Jul 1, 2001
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