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Mr Potter caught in a rainy spell.

JUST in case some of us were in danger of forgetting what a typical summer was like, Daniel Radcliffe provided ample proof at this week's premiere of the latest Harry Potter film.

A soaked-to-the-skin Daniel showed that, after last week's Caribbean skies, it's back to business as usual, weather-wise.

Still, while Daniel managed to smile, despite looking like he'd got himself trapped in the showers at Hogwarts and Malfoy had turned them on, others may not have been so pleased to be reminded of what July at home is really like.

When the sun was shining, those chosen one of this year's fashionable "staycations" - staying at home, in place of a package abroad - were feeling very smug.

Now they must be biting the side of the sofa in fear.

JK Rowling appeared at the Potter premiere in now familiar blond bombshell mode.

She may have been poor once, but my goodness, those highlights now cost an arm and a leg, don't they? It was Rowling's shoes, though, that were most remarkable - gladiator-style gold high heels by Christian Laboutin no less. Straight men, feel free to let your minds drift. You will have no idea what I'm talking about.

Some have criticised Rowling's millionairess makeover as a bit tarty.

The attitude is that proper writers are only proper writers if they look like a dog's breakfast.

But, I ask you, girls, if you made pounds 600m, wouldn't you want to spend a bit of it on yourself? The rest of us, who are worth considerably less then Rowling, can only look on in envy at a lifestyle that allows for going out for the evening wearing gold strappy high heels you can't walk in and no coat.

It's proof of the fact that she doesn't have to catch the bus home.

There was a limo purring outside, waiting to whisk JK mansionward.


'HOGWETS': Daniel Radcliffe laughs as the rain falls at the world premiere of Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 10, 2009
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