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Mr Kirby's handling 'tache well.

DON'T be fooled by Jim Kirby's pantomimesque whiskers - this redhead is no villain.

The 'tachetastic teacher is raising money by growing this remarkable facial fuzz.

Jim, 38, has been cultivating his crumb catcher since the beginning of September to raise money for Everyman.

The charity campaigns for research and to raise awareness into male cancers.

Jim, who lives in Linthorpe, said: "A lot of the male cancer charities don't receive much attention, so I thought this would be a fun way to bring a serious subject to people's attention.

"And because I can't experiment much with my facial hair, this is a great excuse."

The science teacher at Gillbrook Technology College admits he's put up with a bit of flak from youngsters, but most are amused by the elaborate handlebar.

That has helped him and his new soup strainer raise nearly pounds 200.

Jim said: "I've taken a bit of stick, but the deputy head Mark Tilling is doing it too, but his isn't quite as good as mine!

"I started out growing a handlebar, but it started to curl up at the ends, so I've gone with that now."

His efforts have come to the attention of charity organisers at Tacheback, who co-ordinate the growing campaign.

They recognised Jim's efforts as one of the best in the country, and awarded him with an electric razor, when he decides to remove his 'tache.

Jim told the Evening Gazette his moustache hero was Yank actor Tom Selleck, whose facial hair in Magnum, P.I. sent hearts a flutter all over the globe.

But Nicole, Jim's wife, isn't quite so keen on his new nose neighbour.

He said: "Nicole appreciates my efforts for the charity, but I don't think she'll miss the 'tache too much when it's shaved off!" * To find out more about growing moustaches for charity, go to 5 Famous facial features Tom Selleck - Magnum and Friends star has one of the most famous 'tache's in Hollywood. Daniel Craig - Grown recently for a part on Broadway, 007's gone incognito. Lord Kitchener - Your Country Needs YOU - who doesn't feel a surge of patriotic zeal on seeing those wartime whiskers? Ned Flanders - God botherer from the Simpsons has more hair on his upper lip than neighbour Homer has on his entire head.

Bruce Forsyth - Nice to see you, and the facial adornment that has been your trademark since television began.


HAIR TODAY... Teacher Jim Kirby, left and far left, who has been growing a moustache to raise cash for Everyman, and, above, Jim's hairy hero Tom Selleck Main pictures by IAN McINTYRE WHISKER IT GENTLY: Simpsons God botherer Ned Flanders, far left, has a fine offering whill 007 star Daniel Craig, left, looks less than his usual suave self
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Oct 3, 2009
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