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Moweaqua American Legion holds Memorial Day services.

Byline: heather huttes-bright correspondent

Moweaqua American Legion Post 370 held its Memorial Day Service on Monday, May 27, in the old park. Services began with speaker and Locust Grove Pastor Joe Briseno, giving a prayer and speech.

"What a beautiful day to remember and commemorate all the lives that have been offered up willingly to afford us citizens of this great country an amazing slate of freedoms.

"Many people travel, many have plans and outdoor get-together and they do that because those freedoms have been afforded to us by those who have paid the price ultimately," Briseno said.

He continued, "I was scrolling through my Facebook a couple days ago and I came across a meme that was very telling.

On the top was a picture of a young man, he still had peach fuzz, he had his hair dyed red, he had a purple bandanna and tied-dyed sleeveless shirt, he had tattooed sleeves on each arm and the caption read my generation is going to start a revolution' and the bottom of the meme was a World War II soldier with a smirk on his face and he said, Your generation cant even start a lawn mower.' And all the people said . Amen.

"In that one meme we see two contrasting values a young generation that thinks they are going to change the world to suit their lives and their wants and what they deem their rights.

For many of us growing up we were not afforded the rights part' we were raised with a strong work ethic, we were raised with courage, we were raised with a sense of self sacrifice, we were raised with a sense of duty to our country and duty to our fellow neighbor, and unfortunately there is an uprising to a sense of entitlement among the young that they deserve to get the best job out of high school, that if they choose to go to college all of their college debt paid by someone else, that they deserve that they are privileged and yet those men and women who made this country great had none of those rights. It wasn't what can I get from my country?' it was what can I give to my country to make it the country it is today!"

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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
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Date:May 29, 2019
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