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Moving to Mac.

Owner: Cindy Greene

Address: 2700 Flakewood Road, Little Rock, 72207

Phone: (501) 663-5306 or (501) 681-5855

Fax: (801) 772-7768

Hours: By appointment

Start-up: April 1


Web site:

With 14 years of experience working with Macintosh computers, Little Rock native Cindy Greene has started Moving to Mac to help others become acquainted with their new Macintosh software and hardware.

Greene said she sets up the computer for the client's needs, including set-up for Internet networking, iTunes stereo networking, backup systems and wireless routing. She shows the client how to use Macintosh software, helps with troubleshooting and teaches the operating system.

"I'm a personal trainer for Macintosh," Greene said. "I show people how to incorporate Macintosh into their everyday life."

Greene emphasized that she doesn't fix the computers; she helps people learn how to use them.

"I can often find what a problem is and help them find someone to fix it for a reasonable price. I can take care of anything you need taken care of. I'm not going to open up a laptop, but I'll take it to a certified repair technician," Greene said.

Greene charges $75 for the first hour and around $25 for any hours after that for teaching. Since opening in April, Greene has had five clients, mostly due to word of mouth and flyers.

"I've been doing this for friends for a couple of years. So many people don't have a clue how to find someone to help with this. I have very friendly prices, and I don't want anyone to be afraid to call me back with questions. I'll always be available for phone text support," she said.

Before starting Moving to Mac, Greene, a vegetarian for the last 25 years, owned a natural food brokerage business for 22 years. She said that she started Moving to Mac as a side business because she was constantly called to work on her friends' Macintosh computers. Greene also teaches those who aren't Mac-savvy how to use iPods with their computers.

"There are a lot of little tricks that I can teach. I think that the iPod has had an impact on people switching to Mac, and the new iPhone [whose coming-out is scheduled for June] will produce another explosion of Mac users," Greene said.

Greene said that she hopes to inspire more people to buy Macintosh computer, noting that she has found them much easier to use than PCs.
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