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Moving the vision from theory to reality.

The ASAE Board Meets

Moving the Vision From Theory to Reality

--Monday, August 12, 1991

Considering that compared to the traditional order of things it was a little backward, the forward-looking results are admirable: At its all-day Saturday meeting, the Board first voted to accept the final visioning document, subject to editing, then broke into six groups of 9-10 each for discussion of the document just voted on. Their charge: to brainstorm strategies for implementing the vision, prioritize the strategies, and consider how best to communicate the strategy to the allieds.

To jumpstart the brainstorming, the Board was led in five minutes of cobweb-cleaning stretching exercises. A pretty effective technique, judging from the thoughtfulness and energy of the session.

That the allied societies must be part of the development of the implementation plan was perhaps the strongest recurring theme among the six working groups.

The allied leadership was involved in the development of the vision document itself, and their involvement, concurred the Board members, continues to be critical in the implementation phases as well. Indeed, communicating and marketing the plan will comprise such things as training a cadre of trainers who can open two-way channels of communication about the vision with the ASAE membership and stakeholders. It means becoming skilled listeners, constantly taking in feedback, and making midcourse adjustments as needed.

It also means, according to the Board, defining exactly how the vision relates to every individual and to his or her association--using words that have meaning and that make the vision real. As one Board member put it, "We need to identify what's at stake for the stakeholders." ASAE needs to show its members how the vision will help them better manage their associations, helping members acquire the process so they can use it.

The vision, the Board agreed, must infuse every ASAE activity, program, and product and needs to be integrated with the Associations Advance America program so that everyone, not just ASAE members, is aware that volunteerism is alive and well in America thanks, in essence, to this vision.

"It's a partnership with the allieds," said several Board members, and if the enthusiasm of the brainstorming session is any indicator, visioning works best as an inclusive process.

While the dynamic of the brainstorming session added a unique character to the meeting, the Board did successfully conduct other important business in its more traditional format. Here's a quick rundown of several Board actions and discussions:

* The Board approved an amendment to

the Bylaws to add an additional

associate member to its ranks. This brings

the number of associate members on the

Board to two; each will serve a two-year

term on a staggered schedule. * On the recommendation of the Senior

Roundtable of Associate Members,

the Board voted to create a fellows

program for associate members. The

purpose of the new program is to

provide associate members

opportunities for contributing to ASAE in a

significant way as well as to recognize

professionalism among suppliers to

associations. The first class of

associate member fellows will be honored at

ASAE's 1992 Spring Convention and

Exposition. * Music licensing issues continue to

play at full volume. Board member

Jerald Jacobs, representing the Board's

Subcommittee on Music Licensing,

summarized a Board-commissioned

legal analysis of music licensing in the

association community. The analysis

describes such opportunities as

litigation, legislation, and association

"self-help" for challenging licensing

enforcement by ASCAP and BMI. While

the full analysis is, on the advice of

ASAE's attorneys, confidential, the

Board resolved unanimously that its

Executive Committee should take

action to assist associations in dealing

with music licensing. * While association boards are known

for sustaining committees and tasks

forces with lives of their own, in this

case two entities volunteered to "do

away" with themselves. The Allied

Societies Liaison Committee is

dissolved and would be replaced, when

necessary, with task forces; the

Societal Relations Task Force is being

combined with the Associations

Advance America Task Force. And not to

confuse matters, but this combined task

force was upgraded to committee status. * The treasurer's report highlighted a

number of budget items, including the

association's purchase of additional

equity in its headquarters building and

staff's $1.4 million reduction in

expenses to adjust to reduced revenues. * Board member Dick Briggs reported

that the number of A-PAC contributors

jumped almost 50 percent in FY 1991. * Division Director Debra Sher reported

that market research will be conducted

to gauge member interest in

establishing a new section in the area of

marketing, another in chapter relations,

and a third in foundation management. * The Board voted to broaden the

mandate of the ASAE Committee on

Diversity in Association Management to

include the entire membership, not

just ASAE's leadership. Developing a

more diverse membership base,

explained incoming Board member

Elizabeth Kovacs, CAE, is crucial to the success of the committee's leadership

development goal and better meets the

objectives of the vision. * A crystal replica of the capitol was

presented to Roger Childers and Bill

DeLoache of Callaway Gardens, Pine

Mountain, Georgia, for Callaway's

sponsorship of the Future Leaders

Conference, which was conducted by

the ASAE Fellows for the fourth year

running this past June.

PHOTO : ASAE Chairman Kathryn Johnson, CAE, and President Bill Taylor, CAE,--whose good spirits lasted the day long--listen attentively during the Board's meeting.

PHOTO : Top left, new Board is sworn in during installation ceremonies Wednesday at the Ramada Renaissance Hotel. Above, Gene N. Fondren, CAE, executive director of the Texas Automobile Dealers Association, Austin, speaks as the 1991-92 ASAE Board Chairman.
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