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Moving the market will be a massive mistake.

IF it ain't broke then why try to fix it? But that's what I feel Middlesbrough Council are attempting to do by moving the Orange Pip Market from Baker Street/Bedford Street to Centre Square.

The council's reason for the move is to provide more "breathing space", or so they say. And what about the businesses in Baker and Bedford Street? They have every right to be upset over this decision. The Orange Pip Market created a wonderful atmosphere when held there - now it is to be taken away.

Held at the Centre Square? I just cannot see the market being as successful there. Too much room? Less atmosphere? Yes, I believe so. I think moving there is a big mistake.

KENNY SURTEES, Ormesby ||| JUST what are they thinking of. A successful small local business vibrant market kicks off a buzz in the town and beyond. As we once said it was going to be our Carnaby Street - a creative tinderbox of new entrepreneurs and culture.

Once the momentum starts, someone has a great idea - "let's move it to a soulless expanse and squeeze out little people. Next professional festival market stalls will be taking over and that local footprint will be lost.

Let's think about it, it's so successful why don't we be more radical while still keeping it where it belongs? Close off Linthorpe Road and pull in the other businesses next to it. Places like The Dovecot, The Fork in the Road etc.

This is a shop window for these businesses, an introduction to local enterprises and maybe we might see the longer term benefit of paving the area and watch it take off.

TERRY YOUNG, Middlesbrough National security got it fatally wrong ONCE again our supposed national security get it wrong on terrorism, ignoring multiple warnings and red flags and as a result 22 innocent people die and many more injured.

How many chances do they need to get it right? Wise after the event every time, lots of observation it seems but no action, time for heads to roll in this failing department? ALLAN J EYRE, Brookfield Bid to return letters to rightful owners I AM searching for a family that lived in the Middlesbrough area. When my late father Robert Trotter died, I inherited his wartime log books and personal letters and memorabilia from those days.

Amongst those items I have two letters dated November 1944 and March 1945, from Lawrence Birtwhistle, and his wife's name was Polly, the address 4 Mandale Road, Acklam, Middlesbrough, asking my father whether he had any information about their son. At this time through research I've the following details of what happened to him and through your letter column wondered if any family members having a direct link would appreciate having these two letters for their family history? My father always called him Jimmy and he was killed on a Berlin raid on January 23, 1944. They were flying in Lancaster W4780 AS-H2, took off at 00.12 hours from Kirmington. All crew members were lost without trace and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Sergeant James Birtwhistle is recorded on panel 225. He was flying with 166 squadron and was 23 years old and his service number was 993153.

Maybe any related family still living in the area know these details? But my wish is to return these letters as mentioned. Also I've a group photo taken at Eastbourne College, where my father, age 20, and James are included, the year May 1942 at the navigation school.

When these letters were written, my father was stationed at RAF Warboys, near Huntingdon, flying with 156 squadron Lancasters, pathfinders, and flew 50 missions with them, subsequently retired from flying in the RAF in 1972.

MALCOLM TROTTER, Cambridge ( Big up our potential young world champs WHAT do Hardwick Social FC and Middlesbrough Under-11s have in common? They have both won national competitions recently which seem to have gone unnoticed by most people across the region.

Hardwick beat the reigning national champions at Bramall Lane in Sheffield to become the best Sunday morning team in the country.

Middlesbrough Under-11s became the national primary school champions of England, winning the Danone cup and will now represent their country at the youth World Cup, in New York, in September.

A great effort by both sides, seemingly gone unnoticed by most of the area.

If the Boro had won a national cup, we would have had an open top bus, endless pictures and reports.

So come on local press, give these lads at least an article and a few pictures to celebrate their success and from at least one proud Teessider, massive congratulations to both teams and good luck to our potential future world champions.



Hardwick celebrate after beating New Salamis in the FA Sunday Cup Final
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Date:Jun 2, 2017
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