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Moving in the right direction.

"Black Student Leaders Get Re-energized at D.C. Conference," Jan. 10, 2008

The National Black Student Leadership Development Conference was not only an eye-opener to me, but it was also a sign that we, as young Black leaders, are moving in the right direction. The only problem I had through this whole experience was not getting the chance to talk to Dr. Carroll F. S. Hardy, (president of the NBSLDC) one-on-one. I most wanted to talk to Dr. Hardy not only to say thank you but to tell her that, one day, I will follow in her footsteps and help the generations to come. So, Dr. Hardy, if you are reading this, thank you, and I hope that one day I will get the chance to meet you!
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Title Annotation:Diverse Online
Author:Peay, Alex
Publication:Diverse Issues in Higher Education
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Feb 7, 2008
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