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Movin Fo'Wad. (Poetry).

Movin Fo'Wad

We ridin' at the back a tha bus
ain't nobuddy carin' 'bout us
it's bin that way
since tha startin' day
an' we toll not ta raise no fuss.

Well we jus' ain't gut use ta it yet
tha shame we won't evah f'get
they say it's bes,
away from tha res,
but we gonna change that...ya bet.

So we ridin' that very back seat
tha hate in 'ur hearts runs deep
when tha time come
we'll rise up as one
what they sowed, them White Folks go'n reap

They sur' go'n be takin' sum' heat

Fo' sum' time they ain't go'n ta sleep.

George Borden (Nova Scotia) is a previous winner of the Canadian League of Black Artists' poetry competition (1996-97), and has been writing for several years. His poems have appeared in several publications and anthologies including Fire On The Water, edited by George Elliott Clarke.
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Author:Borden, George
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 1999
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