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New Films This Week Blooded (15) Rubbish faux documentary about five young hunters kidnapped by militant animal rights activists, who are stripped and hunted down like animals in the Scottish wilderness. Exploitation posing as social comment. (Apollo) * Hatchet II (18) Sequel to horror slasher nobody saw in the first place. No preview Hop (U) Candy-coloured live action/CGI family fun, as running away from his destiny as the Easter Bunny, rabbit wannabe drummer EB (Russell Brand) hooks up with shiftless slacker Fred (James Marsden) while a resentful chick leads an Easter Island coup to take his place. *** Killing Bono (15) Overlong, fitfully paced, wildly exaggerated but amusingly entertaining music biz true tale of Dublin brothers Neil (Ben Barnes) and Ivan McCormick (Robert Sheehan) whose attempts to become rock stars were torpedoed by the former's self-destructive envy of schoolfriends, U2. *** Oranges and Sunshine (15) Ken Loach's son, TV director Jim, makes his feature debut with true story of the Nottingham social worker (Emily Watson) who, in the 80s, uncovered the secret deportation of children in care to Australia during the 50s and 60s and fought to reunite families. Ponderous, but moving. *** The Prodigy: World's On Fire (15) Documentary of the band's biggest concert to 65,000 fans. (Thu Apollo, Empire, Showcase) Route Irish (15) Expletive filled, minor Ken Loach heavy-handedly addresses the use of private security contractors in Iraq but turns into a Left Wing Death Wish as an Irish former mercenary seeks the truth behind the death of his best mate. *** (mac) Source Code (12A) Jake Gyllenhaal is repeatedly sent back in time to eight minutes before a train explosion, to inhabit a victim's body so he can identify the bomber, finding romance with a fellow passenger in the process. Clever, compelling Groundhog Day meets Speed sci-fi thriller from the director of Moon.*** Sucker Punch (12A) Zack Snyder's visually amazing, but incoherent, plotless trashy mashup of Girl Interrupted, Charlie's Angels and Sin City for action fantasy fans of girl power hotties in basques and fishnets. Quite stunningly, vacuously awful. * On Release The Adjustment Bureau (12A) Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in well acted, romantic but clunky, fuzzy, and ultimately silly sci fi about the human heart, free will and predestination. *** Anuvahood (15) Kidulthood the comedy as deluded slacker deals weed to get out of a fix and finds himself in more trouble with the local drugs boss. * Battle: Los Angeles (12A) Gung ho action as Aaron Eckhart leads a company of heroic multicultural stereotype marines against aliens invading LA. Lots of things blow up. *** Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son (PG) FBI agent Martin Lawrence and his stepson go undercover in fat suits at a girls' school after the latter witnesses a murder. Terrible. * Chalet Girl (12A) Amiably fluffy underdog romcom enlivened by Felicity Jones as the former skateboard champion dealing with snobbery, love, fears, guilt and a big snowboarding competition while skivvying for posh family at a flash ski resort. *** The Eagle (12A) Slow, simplistic, mostly dull quest drama as Roman military hero Channing Tatum heads beyond Hadrian's Wall to find the 9th Legion's lost standard and restore family honour, accompanied by Briton slave Jamie Bell. ** Faster (15) Sub-par revenge thriller as ex-con Dwayne Johnson tracks down and kills those who murdered his brother and the rest of his gang when they were set up, while being tracked by egocentric hit man and troubled cop. ** Gnomeo & Juliet 3D (U) Entertaining pun-filled animation rework of Shakespeare's tragedy as a blue garden gnome (James McAvoy) falls for the red (Emily Blunt) next door. *** Hall Pass (15) The Farrelly brothers turkey with unfunny crude, clumsy marital anxiety sex comedy as two guys are given a week's leave from marriage to do what they like. * I Am Number Four (12A) Twilight with superpowered aliens and a dash of Smallville for boys. Not much happens forever before a high school action mayhem climax. *** The King's Speech (12A) Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter in true-life drama about how a failed actor speech therapist helped the new King George VI overcome his stammer. ***** Limitless (15) Bradley Cooper takes a pill that unlocks his brain's full potential and becomes a Wall Street phenomenon, only marred by the side effects and a Ukranian killer who wants his supply. Entertaining, but so full of plot holes it needs a smart pill of its own. *** The Lincoln Lawyer (15) Smart, twisty legal thriller as defence lawyer Matthew McConaughey finds himself played by a playboy client accused of assault when he digs up past links to a homicide for which a former client is doing time. *** Norwegian Wood (15) The Beatles song prompts memories of when a 60s Tokyo student became involved with his friend's girlfriend after he committed suicide. A haunting slow burn adaptation of Murakami's novel about letting go of the past. (mac) *** Paul (15) Sci-fi geeks Simon Pegg and Nick Frost befriend a sweary, pothead alien (Seth Rogen) on the run from the Feds. Imagine E.T. made by Judd Apatow, but not as funny as it thinks it is. *** Rango (PG) Animated surreal riff on the classic western with Johnny Depp the chameleon finding his inner hero when he winds up sheriff of a Wild West town ruled by a corrupt mayor. Beautifully animated, sharply funny and some inspired in-jokes. **** Shogun Assassin (18) Cult classic as man takes his infant son on a ninja killing spree through feudal Japan in revenge for his wife's murder. (Thu, Library Thtr) Sons of Cuba (E) Documentary about the u12s training for the Olympics at the Havana City Boxing Academy. (Thu, Library Thtr).

Submarine (15) Wes Anderson meets Adrian Mole in a coming-of-age comedy as selfabsorbed Welsh schoolboy Craig Roberts tries to lose his virginity and save his parents' marriage when he thinks mum's having an affair with her old flame. This year's An Education. **** Tangled 3D (PG) Disney's knowing Rapunzel rework as independent-minded long tressed teen runs away with roguish thief on a journey of adventure and self-discovery. The comedy animal sidekicks steal the film **** A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures 3D (U) Plotless, but nicely animated tale of a turtle's 50-year search to reunite with his soulmate with good 3D and an eco message for youngsters. *** Unknown (12A) Liam Neeson joins forces with illegal immigrant Diane Kruger when he wakes from a coma to find someone's taken his identity and his wife denies knowing him. Ploddingly preposterous with a final twist you can see a mile off. ** West Is West (15) Culture clash sequel shifts to Pakistan as, taking his youngest son to discover his roots, George confronts the family he left behind 30 years earlier. Fitfully amusing but narratively unfocused and, thematically fuzzy ** Mike Davies
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Date:Mar 31, 2011
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