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New Films This Week Megamind 3D (PG) Another animation supervillain finds his inner hero as Will Ferrell's Megamind finds life dull after defeating Metro Man (Brad Pitt) and creates a new good guy to battle, only for him to turn bad. Great fun with sly Superman send-ups. **** Monsters (15) Thoughtful slow burn, low action sci fi mixing elements of Before Sunrise, Apocalypse Now and District 9, as photo-journalist and his boss's daughter bond journeying through the 'infected zone' inhabited by squid-like creatures that borders Mexico and America. With more damage caused by US forces, the allegory about humanity is patent. Even illegal aliens like cuddles. *** Rare Exports -A Christmas Tale (15) Finnish festive comedy horror as a young boy believes the 'treasure' found entombed in ice under a mountain is the original ancient evil Santa who killed naughty kids. Missing children and giant nude elves ensue. Gleefully black and scary, the creepiest Claus movie since Bad Santa. *** Secretariat (U) Feelgood true story of the 1973 record setting racehorse and his owner, a sort of more sentimental Seabiscuit for the ultraconservative right. ** The Warrior's Way (15) East battles West in martial Arts fantasy western as, refusing to kill a baby, a warrior assassin has to take refuge in the American Badlands as Ninjas fight cowboys. No preview.

On Release Alpha And Omega 3D (U) Routine family animation as two wolves have to get back to Canada to prevent pack war, discovering romance along the way. ** The American (15) Existential character study thriller with George Clooney's hitman hiding out in an Italian village for one last job, avoiding killers and falling for a local prostitute. Compelling stuff until the pretentiousness runs amok. *** Despicable Me 3D (U) Terrific animated comedy as bungling villain Gru has his heart softened when he adopts three orphan girls for his plan to shrink and steal the moon. **** Disney's A Christmas Carol 3D (PG) Robert Zemeckis' fabulous faithful animated adaptation of Dickens with Jim Carrey as Scrooge. (Imax) **** Down Terrace (15) Kitchen sink crime drama as a dysfunctional Brighton gangster family seek to find out who grassed up dad and his son. The Royle Family meets The Sopranos directed by Mike Leigh. (Tue, Library Thtre) *** Due Date (15) Robert Downey Jr is forced to hitch a ride with wannabe actor Zach Galifianakis to make his child's birth on time. It slows midway but, sentimental and funny, it's a date worth keeping. *** The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest (15) The Swedish trilogy's finale as shady figures seek to prevent Lisbeth going to trial. Nothing like the book but still an absorbingly thriller. *** Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Pt 1 (12A) Looking spectacular, the epic draws to a close with the darkest, most intense and also most moving and mature of the series. ***** Jackass 3D (18) More juvenile self-harming stunts involving drinking sweat, bungee jumping in a portable loo and colonic irrigation over a model railway. Sometimes amusing, mostly revolting. ** The Kids Are All Right (15) Witty but emotionally unengaging marital drama as lesbian couple Julianne Moore and Annette Bening's children track down their biological donor father. (mac) *** Life During Wartime (15) Todd Solondz's post 9/11 sequel to Happiness with the same characters but different actors as newly released paedophile Bill reconnects with his sons. A lesser account of human alienation and forgiveness, but still compellingly bleak. (Tue, Library Thtre) *** London Boulevard (18) Hired as minder, London ex-con Colin Farrell falls for reclusive actress Keira Knightley while finding gangster Ray Winstone won't take no for an answer. An incoherent, woefully written, poorly acted, dismally directed car crash. * Machete (18) Ultra-violent but fun Mexploitation with Danny Trejo's blade-wielding ex cop set up in a conspiracy involving a racist senator (De Niro), corrupt businessman, vigilante and the Mexican drug lord who murdered his family. *** Made In Birmingham - Reggae, Punk Bhangra (E) RTA nominated rockumentary exploring how crossovers between the diverse cultures and genres forged a community identity in 80s Brum. (Sat-Mon, mac) *** Out of the Ashes (tbc) Documentary about the Afghan Cricket team's quest to qualify for the 2011 World Cup. (Tue-Thu, mac) Paranormal Activity 2 (15) Videocam horror sequel with creepy domestic goings-on involving a dog and a baby. Builds to a scary climax. ** The Polar Express 3D (U) The animated Xmas movie makes its annual return. (IMAX) *** Skyline (15) Laughably awful, incoherent and abysmally acted alien invasion B movie, Aliens hoover people into the sky and suck out their brains; a perfect metaphor for the movie. * Soulboy (15) Engaging 70s romp as Martin Compston seeks escape from a drab life through Northern soul and the flirty hairdresser dating Wigan Casino's dance champ. (Sat-Mon, mac) *** Undertow (15) Peruvian love-triangle drama as a married fisherman has to choose between dogma and tradition or admitting his secret love for a gay artist. (Tue, Library Thtre) Unstoppable (12A) White knuckle thriller as, veteran railwayman Denzel Washington and rookie Chris Pine have to stop a runaway train before catastrophe strikes. **** Mike Davies
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