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Terry Notary: On bringing Hollywood's creatures to life on screen. Brady, Kristyn Aug 1, 2019 507
Who's the Movie YOU? Jul 1, 2019 893
This is Why We Have Test Audiences. Cerrone, Pick Brief article May 1, 2019 284
Howling at the moon: Howl about the inspiring things you do and see that make life better for girls! Members, visit the "Howl at the Moon" message board at Any girl can share at Mar 1, 2019 365
An Old-Fashioned Hero. Gehring, Wes D. Nov 1, 2018 898
Marvel Studios Boss Promises "LGBT" Characters in Future Films. Jul 23, 2018 332
Star Wars pop art. Osterer, Irv Mar 1, 2016 783
Three cheers for the bad G. Gutierrez, Peter Jan 1, 2016 3090
Ripped from the headlines: 'spotlight' recounts how heroic reporters broke the story of the Catholic Church's cover-up of child molestation--the kind of investigative journalism that's in short supply today as newspapers struggle to survive. Rainey, James Oct 27, 2015 2620
Against all odds: in a handful of high-profile films, characters struggle to survive in extreme conditions. Tapley, Kristopher Oct 27, 2015 702
Movie villains not prototypical. Sep 1, 2015 357
The politics of Star Trek. Sandefur, Timothy Jun 22, 2015 5039
Aliye Rona as an unusual female character in Turkish cinema/ Turk sinemasi'nda sira disi bir kadin karakter olarak Aliye Rona. Isik, Mehmet; Esitti, Sakir Report Jun 1, 2015 8109
'Carol' comes out: Cate Blanchett helps the long-in-development adaptation of Patricia Highsmiths tale of a lesbian relationship reach the bigscreen--and the Croisette. Setoodeh, Mamin Interview May 12, 2015 2582
Its easier, but at times uglier, to find news of our heroes: though the proliferance of media produces more info we want, it's not always what we like. Lowry, Brian Dec 9, 2014 627
Hollywood creates one smooth operator. Kittlaus, Dag Column Feb 4, 2014 681
Getting hitched on cameos. Gehring, Wes D. Column May 1, 2013 984
What a character. May 1, 2013 853
Bring demons to work: actors reach deep and take major risks to bring top roles to life. Verini, Bob Brief article Dec 20, 2012 291
Talent weighs reel-life choices. Anderson, John Nov 19, 2012 738
Thesps discover damaged good: actors carefully calibrate emotionally wounded characters. Garrett, Diane Nov 19, 2012 656
Seniors grab center stage. Garrett, Diane; Verini, Bob Nov 19, 2012 497
Roles all over the map in this 'Atlas'. Garrett, Diane Brief article Nov 19, 2012 279
It can take a legal wizard to navigate copyright maze. Johnson, Ted Sep 17, 2012 848
How to make a monster mash. Cohen, David S. Sep 17, 2012 395
The do-it-all damsel: today's fairy tale princesses reveal the pressure on girls to not just be pretty, but strong, smart, and courageous, too. McCormick, Patrick Sep 1, 2012 912
Their 'Dark' designs. Johnson, Ted Brief article Jul 23, 2012 811
Antisemitism and Hollywood--Part 1: Gentleman's Agreement. Vahab, Daniel Essay Jun 1, 2012 1409
Very intrepid 'Men'. Harrison, Alexa Brief article May 28, 2012 300
Carmakers race to put Bond inside their wheels. Graser, Marc May 14, 2012 368
007's most persistent foe: his own dark reflection. Verini, Bob May 14, 2012 684
Making good first impressions. Graser, Marc Jan 30, 2012 621
Comedy scribes on the 'Number' with femme-centered laughs. Siegel, Tatiana Sep 26, 2011 447
The kids are all right--not really. Bart, Peter Aug 29, 2011 550
Director of "Al Musafer" denies provoking viewers with intimate scenes. Brief article Jul 26, 2011 256
Hogwarts School Senior Yearbook. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 206
Applying Adult Learning Theory through a Character Analysis. Baskas, Richard S. Author abstract Apr 10, 2011 196
Citizen Bernstein. Mar 31, 2011 1270
Beyond the male gaze: departures from Scottie's point of view in Vertigo. Zborowski, James Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 7056
Best scenes: lead actor. Whipp, Glenn Feb 14, 2011 391
Supporting actor. Chetwynd, Josh Feb 14, 2011 375
Supporting actress. Kronke, David Feb 14, 2011 359
Man's Desire Exceeds His Grasp--The Prestige as Utopia. Cojocaru, Daniel Critical essay Apr 1, 2010 2369
When Jesus was a Girl: Polymythic Female Christ Figures in Whale Rider and Steel Magnolias. Fillingim, David Critical essay Apr 1, 2010 5295
Jedi's Rebel yell. Cohen, David S. Brief article Mar 8, 2010 136
Traversing the onscreen city: Nannarella's (Mamma) Roma. Monti, Gloria Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 4071
Blacks in space: in most sci-fi movies, why does the future look so white? Belton, Danielle C. Critical essay Jun 1, 2009 1884
Robot is the future: with the opening of terminator salvation, we stacked the T-series against other robots from movie history. Brief article May 1, 2009 292
Military brass. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 153
The Dobler effect. Jul 1, 2008 138
Tonal recall: Oscar nominees turn to dialect coaches to perfect their characters' accents. Hutt, Jennifer Feb 11, 2008 962
Driving Mrs. Edna: John Waters recalls the men who brought famed femme to life. Hofler, Robert Aug 13, 2007 616
'Network' airs cast secret. Morfoot, Addie Brief article Mar 26, 2007 174
Role-playing gets very complicated in today's world: contempo movies blur the lines between victims, villains and heroes. Mermelstein, David Nov 27, 2006 911
Licensed characters a powerful drawing card. Nov 6, 2006 402
What Ode to Billy Joe (the movie) disclosed in '76. Akerley, Ben Edward Jul 1, 2006 477
Dissed at the multiplex. Steele, Bruce C. Aug 30, 2005 199
Vocational education: Amy Taubin talks to Lucrecia Martel, whose coming-of-age film The Holy Girl opens in New York later this month. Taubin, Amy Interview Apr 1, 2005 2611
A happy birthday? Companies try a classic game plan to leverage classic equity. Dec 1, 2003 808
"Alias Jeremiah": Oscar Micheaux's pathetic preachers. Bilwakesh, Nikhil Sep 22, 2003 5581
Hasta la vista, babes. Brief Article Jul 22, 2003 103
Lord of the Ring taps a gay archetype. (Essay). Kaufman, Roger Critical Essay Jul 1, 2003 2390
Hooray for Hollywood? March is Academy Awards time. What's Tinsel Town's "take" on disabilities and the actors who portray--or have--them? Cover Story Mar 1, 2003 2453
World narrowing: notes on Britain's culture-war. Colebatch, Hal G.P. Critical Essay Dec 22, 2002 6161
In Kissing Jessica Stein, a new film directed by Charles Herman-Wurmfeld. (Briefs). Haas, Michael Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 346
What's in a name? Not much, alas, in Hal Hartley's No Such Thing and Rose Troche's The Safety of Objects. (Film). Parker, James (American journalist) Brief Article May 20, 2002 1034
Organ rejection: why do blacks fear organ donation? (Transplantations). Corson, Trevor May 20, 2002 1414
Using film to teach Women's Studies courses: a teaching aid recommendation. Wysocki, Diane Kholos May 1, 2002 1709
Werther. Walker, Michael Critical Essay Mar 22, 2002 8528
Yoshiwara: Max Ophuls in the empire of passion. Jacoby, Alexander Critical Essay Mar 22, 2002 4323
"Do I disgust you?" or, tirez pas sur La Pianiste. Wood, Robin Critical Essay Mar 22, 2002 6191
Icons and subversion in the Westerns of Clint Eastwood. Babiak, Peter E.S. Critical Essay Mar 22, 2002 5375
French Films as Realia: Introducing Students to French Culture. (French & Italian Language & Literature). Donohue, Bernadette Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 154
Nazi Body Aesthetics and Nazi Hellenic Associations in Leni Riefenstalil's 1936 Olympic Films. (History). Carison, Andrew R. Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 202
'Edward Scissorhands': Misunderstood and Unprotected in Suburbia. (Language and Literature). Pruett, Shelley Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 197
'Edward Scissorhands': Vivo Apparatus. (Language and Literature). Gilmour, Nicole M. Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 197
This Aggression Will Not Stand, Man: Searching for Agency in 'The Big Lebowski'. (Language and Literature). Comer, Todd A. Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 198
N. M. Karamzin, S. M. Eisenstein, and the Fall of Kazan. (Slavic & East European Studies). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 163
Shooting Dumas's dog. (The Critics Film). Parker, James (American journalist) Critical Essay Mar 11, 2002 1770
Raw loathing. (The Critics Film). Parker, James (American journalist) Critical Essay Feb 25, 2002 1447
Postcards from the edge. (The Critics Film). Hoffman, Adina Critical Essay Jan 28, 2002 1480
Des religieuses cineastes et des films a decouvrir. Denault, Jocelyne Critical Essay Jan 1, 2002 2372
Local funding and global movement: minority women's filmmaking and the German film landscape of the late 1990s. Mennel, Barbara Topic Overview Jan 1, 2002 8486
Working stiff: actor Michael Cunio explains why he was up to playing the title character in The Fluffer. (Film). Ferber, Lawrence Nov 20, 2001 589
Comic-Book Realism. MILLER, KEVIN D. Sep 24, 2001 1705
Rabal: colorful character. Hopewell, John Brief Article Sep 24, 2001 293
Shakespeare's grave: the British fiction of Hollywood. Ames, Christopher Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 9001
One more with feeling. COWIE, PETER Aug 6, 2001 1450
LAKE EFFECTS. Suchy, Patricia A. Critical Essay Jun 22, 2001 9646
PLAY IT AGAIN. LESSER, WENDY Jun 18, 2001 1690
Immaterial Girl. HARRIS, JANE Brief Article May 1, 2001 277
LET'S GET SOME ACTION! SAND, GEORGIA Brief Article May 1, 2001 232
Almodovar & after. Velasquez, Nicholas Brief Article Mar 27, 2001 872
JOAN FONTAINE'S HEIRESS. Lightning, Robert K. Critical Essay Mar 22, 2001 3596
The Boys in the Band, 30 years later. RICKARD, JOHN Critical Essay Mar 1, 2001 2774
Can a woman be a man on-screen? NOE, DENISE Critical Essay Mar 1, 2001 2274
The Birds as a Pre-Stonewall Parable. SMITH, BOB Critical Essay Mar 1, 2001 1229
Is the rating system homophobic? PARVIN, PAIGE Mar 1, 2001 1497
Films with one inescapable theme: politics. HAAS, MICHAEL Critical Essay Mar 1, 2001 1131
Alcoholism in the western genre: the portrayal of alcohol and alcoholism in the western genre. Wedding, Danny Critical Essay Dec 22, 2000 3418
The Tigger Movie: Tigger Sent to Amazon. Prout, Ryan Brief Article Sep 22, 2000 279
MCCORMICK'S QUICK TAKES ON CLASSIC GREED. McCormick, Patrick Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 475
Brits lack stiff upper lip in cast flap. WOLF, MATT May 29, 2000 1706
Representation of the Past in Films: Between Historicity and Authenticity(1). Bartholeyns, Gil Mar 22, 2000 10395
Worth a closer look. Kilday, Gregg Brief Article Jan 18, 2000 922
Bit Parts: Dismembering Elvis in Recent Hollywood Films. Carlson, Thomas C. Sep 22, 1999 4802
Movies Rife With Protobacco, Proalcohol Messages. JANCIN, BRUCE Sep 1, 1998 233
Disability portrayal in film: reflecting the past, directing the future. Safran, Stephen P. Jan 1, 1998 4654
Learning about life from the movies. Brief Article Aug 1, 1997 430
Filming Las Vegas. Sharrett, Christopher Jul 1, 1996 936
The New Zealand buddy movie: men, cars and the rise (and fall) of the feminist thriller. Goldson, Annie May 1, 1995 3974
Alcohol and sexual encounters in recent American cinema. Trocki, Karen F.; Thompson, Andrew Mar 22, 1993 6795
Soul city. Brooks, Rosetta Interview Jan 1, 1993 4692

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