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Movie Anecdotes.


It's hard to tell - and maybe it doesn't matter - what people actually said or what was made up for them by publicity agents with a feel for the quotable story. Hay ranges wildly, from the child actress who was fired when she told Darryl F. Zanuck "I see no future here" to a whole bunch of Goldwynisms.

Some of the ancedotes are genuinely funny, others less so. The same is true for the quotes. On the other hand, Hay does pick up a couple of great witicisms. For instance, commenting on the tendency of Greta Garbo's films to flop in Ireland, one critic wrote: "If Miss Garbo really wants to be alone, she should come to the performance of one of her films in Ireland."

In his introduction, Hay observes that, with ancedotes, "story is everything ... the material of life has to be chopped up and fashioned into something that will hold large numbers of people entertained or in suspense. Facts and research become background."

For some strange reason, Hay devotes pages to Ronald Reagan, of all people, not so much because of the former President's wit but due to his gaffes. For instance, when Ed Asner upset Reagan with a critical speech about Latin America, Reagan is supposed to have complained: "What does an actor know about politics."

Movie Anecdotes gets a bit repetitive after a while, but it's nicely organized, well-told and good for some very amusing stories."
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Author:Hift, Fred
Publication:Video Age International
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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