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Moves of the month.

1 Seated quad and VMO stretch Sit in a straight-backed chair with your feet flat on the floor. Slowly raise one leg so that it is straight in front of you.


Turn your foot so that your toes are pointed to the outside. Hold the contraction for five seconds, then straighten your foot and lower your leg to the floor. Do 10 repetitions, then repeat with your other leg.

2 Quad stretch While sitting in the chair, cross one leg behind the other. Push gently forward with your back leg as if to straighten it, but prevent this from happening by pushing back with your front leg as hard as possible for five seconds. Relax for three seconds. With one leg underneath the other, slowly lift your top leg until it is straight, then slowly lower your leg. Repeat each exercise five times.


3 Sit to stand While sitting in the chair, fold your arms across your chest and slowly stand up without using your arms. Slowly sit down without using your arms. See how many times you can do this ally increase the number of exercise in one minute. Gradually increase the number of repetitions.


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