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Movement needed.

Your editorial on the effect big money has on our elections didn't use the word "bribery" (NCR, Nov. 21-Dec. 4).

But bribery it is and bribery is still a felony The rich bribers can call it whatever synonym they like--the proof is in the pudding:

* 70 million U.S. workers robbed of their jobs and pensions by runaway shops and needless mergers;

* 3 percent of our population with more wealth than the other 97 percent.

These bribers need to be arrested, and since the justice department obviously isn't going to do it, then it becomes the citizens' responsibility.

Citizens' arrests are the grassroots movement we need. The majority rules. U.S. capitalism has turned out to be worse than feudalism for U.S. workers.


Holyoke, Mass.

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Title Annotation:LITTLE
Author:Harrigan, John
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jan 16, 2015
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