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Movement nature meant with Ruthy Alon, the Feldenkrais method[R].

Feldenkrais Resources

WEARING a peaceful shade of lavender, Ruthy Alon rolls, crawls, and rocks on the floor. "Natural movement comes through harmonious coordination," says Alon, an Israeli who worked closely with Moshe Feldenkrais. The camera sees her from above, emphasizing her relationship with the floor.

This video is not presentational, and does not give you a step-by-step method. Rather it allows you to explore movement with Alon's demonstrations as a guideline. She invites you to move "like a child let into a playground, inspired by curiosity." She stretches her arms wide and then folds her body in half. An undulation on all fours gradually involves the legs and head.

Watching Alon's movements may give you ideas to help soften your own warmup, or to treat your body tenderly while injured. It encourages you to let go of the vigorous muscularity of most dance techniques. "Keep your belly free and soft," she says. "When the stomach is soft, the back can work without, resistance." She takes you through simple actions like "Lying and Sitting," "Folding In," and "Creeping."

"Use your senses to discover connections throughout your entire body," Alon intones. You may use these suggestions as a starting point to find your own natural way of moving. 30 minutes, $29.95. Call Feldenkrais Resources at 800.765.1907 or see
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Title Annotation:Dance magazine recommends: be gentle to your body
Author:Perron, Wendy
Publication:Dance Magazine
Article Type:Video Recording Review
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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