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Movement and Incontinence Alarm.

Garlon Monitoring Systems continues to update Priority One [TM]--a cutting-edge monitoring system that uses the latest technology to detect movement or incontinence in residents with Alzheimer's. New reporting capabilities and added customer options create even more value for Alzheimer Care facilities. The system is designed to minimize accidental falls by quickly notifying staff of a patient's activities and can be modified to detect incontinence. It integrates with a facility's existing emergency/security systems.

The patent-pending Priority One system uses infrared technology to detect when a patient moves from a bed or through a door. A digital message containing the room number and type of alarm is sent to the pagers of all staff members. The appropriate response can be made within seconds, and each alarm notification and response time is documented in a central computer. The Windows [R]-based software is easy to use and is customized based on each facility's requirements.
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Publication:Nursing Homes
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Date:Dec 1, 2000
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