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Moved to complain; You Say y.

ON November 16, Britain''s Got Talent held open auditions at Morrisons at Belle Vale.

After being warned to arrive early because of expected large queues I arrived and there were no queues to be seen. I saw a few people putting a gazebo up and asked them if they knew about the auditions. Yes they did, they were the staff.

It had not been decided where the queue would be and they did not know when it would start. The advertised time of the auditions arrived, 9am, and still there was no one there - they were running late.

Then my heart sank as I realised that the flimsy and small gazebo was the performance area and there was no area to get changed in.

The performance area was too small unless you were an act which stood still, which I am not. I had no choice than to walk away.

Soon we will no doubt be hearing Simon Cowell complaining that the talent is awful and asking people to send in video auditions and Syco will be trawling YouTube for acts. My answer to Mr Cowell would be to ensure acts were not made to feel like cattle and told in advance that if you move, don't bother turning up.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 21, 2013
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