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Move the Stone to Someone Else's Heart.

 Where is the unknown remedy
that can lift from my heart
this huge stone
For three hundred and seventy-two days I've tried to
push it away
But nothing moves it to someone else's heart
           Translations from the Chinese
By Anna Sun & Zack Rogow

Xiao An (b. 1964) is often regarded as a "poet's poet" in China. One of the few women in the experimental poetry group feifei, meaning "neither/ nor," she has been working as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital for twenty years while steadily publishing poetry. Her writing is influenced by classical Chinese poetry but has a contemporary feel in its themes and sensibility.

Anna Sun is a scholar of Chinese religion and author of Confucianism as a World Religion. Her essays on literature have appeared in the Kenyon Review and London Review of Books.

Zack Rogow is the author, editor, or translator of twenty books or plays. His translations include Earthlight, by Andre Breton, which received the PEN/Book-of-the-Month Club Translation Award.

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Title Annotation:Three Poems
Author:Xiao An
Publication:World Literature Today
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2019
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