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Move (or copy) a batch of Excel worksheets.

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Q. How can I move many Excel worksheets at once from one workbook to another? It's very time-consuming to move them one at a time.

A. I'll show you an easy way. The process also gives you the choice of moving them or copying them to another worksheet. Here are the steps:

Open the workbook. Let's say you named it Division Finance, which contains four worksheets--Divisions 1,2, 3 and 4. Hold down the Ctrl button and click on the tab of each worksheet you wish to move or copy. When you're finished, right-click to bring up the screen at left.

Click on Move or Copy. Notice Excel recognizes which worksheets you want to act on, as shown in the screen at right.

Now you must instruct Excel whether you want to move or copy the worksheets. If you want to copy them, check the Create a copy box; to move them, leave the box empty. No matter whether you want them moved or copied, tell Excel, in the box labeled To book, where to place the sheets. The default location is the same workbook. If you click on the down-pointing arrow, the screen at right will appear, giving you the option of moving (or copying, if you checked the Create a copy box) to a new file, which is automatically named Book1 by Excel. Afterwards, you can give Boom a new name.

When finished, click on OK.
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Title Annotation:Technology Q&A
Author:Zarowin, Stanley
Publication:Journal of Accountancy
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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