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Mourinho hits out at the 'bias' towards Arsenal.


Jose mourinho yesterday began the psychological war ahead of Chelsea's Premiership title defence by complaining arch rivals Arsenal receive preferential treatment from all quarters. Blues boss Mourinho swatted aside suggestions the club's reputation has been tarnished by the Ashley Cole and Frank Arnesen sagas - and occasionally his own behaviour - by going on the offensive.

He declared that Arsenal have been given an easier ride with the fixture list and questioned the presence of Gunners vice-chairman David Dein on the Football Association's board.

'I'm not concerned about how Chelsea are viewed morally. What does concern me is that we are treated in a different way to other clubs. Some clubs are treated as devils, some are treated as angels,' he said.

'I don't think we are so ugly that we should be seen as the devil and I don't think (Arsenal boss) Arsene Wenger and David Dein are so beautiful that they should be viewed as angels.

'I went to Brazil on holiday, I didn't go there to chase players behind their clubs' backs. However, when I read the papers it's completely different.

'After the first five games of next season's Champions League we have to play away while Arsenal are at home.

'Why is nothing written about that? Why are different clubs treated in different ways? We play Arsenal on a Sunday. Why? Because it's Arsenal and the game follows an international.

'If I stay with Chelsea for five years then maybe Mr Dein will not be with the FA and Chelsea will have a different season. A person who works for a club should not work for the FA.'

Mourinho was eager to take another swipe at Arsenal, this time alluding to Wenger's comments that the rest of the Premiership must wait for Chelsea to make a decision on buying a player before launching a bid of their own.

'Our rivals will improve this season. I don't believe we'll finish 37 points ahead of Liverpool, 18 above Manchester United or 12 above Arsenal. Liverpool have signed new players and will get better,' he said.

'Manchester United have only signed two new players, but they are a quality team, while Arsenal are waiting for us to make a move. But all of them will be more difficult to beat this time around.'
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 13, 2005
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