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Mourinho's silence speaks volumes; SPORT ON TV PICK OF THE DAY.

Live football Sky Sports 3, 9pm REAL MADRID coach Jose Mourinho has refused to speak to the media before tonight's clash with Barcelona, which means journalists all over the world are being forced to talk about boring things like tactics, statistics, previous match-ups and in our case, betting, writes Michael Brear.

What a snoozefest, how can anyone deny us the opportunity to endlessly dissect one man's utterances in the vague hope of learning something useful? I'm not exactly sure what we hoped to learn from the Special One, but perhaps some of the easily offended Madrid journalists expected a modern-day Sermon on the Mount.

Now this is just wild speculation, but I have a sneaking feeling he would have attempted some basic psychological ploys by hinting at a conspiracy against his team, alternating between a helpless puppy-dog gaze and a passive-aggressive shrug while occasionally stroking his chin and sucking his lips into a frown. He may have used a strange metaphor to describe his injury problems.

In other words, something like this: "We are top, but sometimes it is not clear if us staying there is in the interests of those that matter.

"We will prepare for this match the same way we prepare for any other, except I will get the team to train with ten men instead of 11.

"We must play without our great warrior Ricardo Carvalho but maybe that is fortunate, as sometimes when you dangle your brightest carrot in front of a hungry rabbit, the rabbit can't help but take a bite.

"I suppose it is a good thing that I don't know how you say 'cheating' in Catalan."

Phew, barely any mention of that dull tactical analysis, maybe I'll start making up quotes more often and finally land that job on my favourite tabloid.
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Dec 10, 2011
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