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Mountain Meadow Gun Cradle.

I have been using a gun vise for many years to hold a firearm when working on it, such as mounting scopes or cleaning the gun, and have found it an indispensable part of my work shop. So, when I first saw the Mountain Meadow Gun Cradle I wondered what was so special about this new offering. True, it is extremely handsome, as it is built of solid oak with a classic oil finish, just like a fine gun stock. In addition, every point that the gun contacts is covered with diamond-tanned leather to prevent scuffs or scratches.

It is so attractive that Gary Crill, Mountain Meadow honcho, informs me that both dealers and individuals are buying these cradles not just as a work unit, but for firearms display in homes, shops, or at gun shows.

I have to admit that it is a good looking tool, but as a tool did it have the same advantages over similar items in the market now? The first thing that attracted my attention was the 3/8-inch lip surrounding the base which converts it into a tool tray. It also is an invaluable aid to catch that errant screw that always seems to slip off the scope base and bounce to the vise, gathering speed, then carom off your work bench to find the most inaccessible corner of your workshop. It turns out that Gary is a shooter and gun tinkerer who had this happen to himself on more than one occasion, hence the lip around the base.

Another nice touch is the wooden threaded clamp; it not only looks nice but it also is designed so that it has no excessive overhang. I don't know how many times I have caught a sleeve on my old vise that used a large "C" clamp to secure the gun, and had about six inches of excess thread that protruded off to the side of the vise. The Gun Cradle not only looks better, won't snag you as you edge by it in a crowded shop, but is far easier to store.

there are no exposed metal parts to mar your fine gun and even the surface the Gun Vise rests on is protected by non-skid rubber feet.

In short, the Gun Cradle does everything you can expect a gun vise to do in a unit that is pleasing to the eye and has a few extra wrinkles that make it user friendly. Once you use a gun vise you will wonder how you got along without one before. They can be used for cleaning, bore sighting, sight and scope installation, stock inletting, glass bedding and other gun chores. The Gun Cradle is available in both right and left hand models and with natural or dark finish for $62.50 plus shipping and handling. A deluxe, presentation grade in Black Walnut list for $125, also plus shipping and handling.

For more information contact Mountain Meadow Enterprises, Dept. GA, Route 1, Box 158, Priest River, ID 83856.
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Title Annotation:evaluation
Author:French, Howard E.
Publication:Guns & Ammo
Date:Nov 1, 1984
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