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Mott to present at National Gender Education Conference.

TOPEKA -- Topeka native and Liberty Press columnist Stephanie Mott was chosen to make a presentation at the International Foundation for Gender Education Capital Conference in Washington, D.C. on April 24. She was selected after submitting her bio and an abstract of her presentation titled, "From Darkness to Daylight."


"It is interesting the way it worked out because I was writing for the Liberty Press about the 'Trans Team,' which is promoting education of transgender issues at KSU for the marriage and family therapy department for graduate students," she explained. "Dr Joyce Woodford was one of the people I interviewed and she mentioned the conference to me. When I got home that evening, I looked it up and found their website and saw the call for presenters. It happened to be the last day they were accepting bios and abstracts."

She was excited to learn that the opportunity was still available and decided to apply. "Six hours before, I'd never heard of it, and then I was submitting my proposal and now I've been selected."

The International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE), a transgender resource, rights, and education organization, was founded in 1987. Originally, its purpose was overcoming the intolerance of transvestitism and transsexualism brought about by widespread ignorance. Since then, it has rededicated itself to outreach through education for the emancipation of all people from restrictive gender norms. Its annual Capital Conference has an impressive list of speakers including: Dr. Sherman Leis, founder of the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery; Maira Keisling, Executive Director for the National Center for Transgender Equality; Allison Robinson, Associate Director of Diversity, Human Rights Campaign; and several others.

Mott is especially looking forward to attending a presentation that shows neurological evidence for a person being transgender. "I need this information to be able to more effectively present on trans social justice issues in Kansas," she said. "I feel this will help me be better armed for discussion and to show this is not a psychiatric issue, but a biological issue."

The conference will host presentations on a variety of topics from sex-changing surgeries to makeup and cosmetic skills.

Mott's session, which will be on Saturday of the weekend conference, will center on her personal story. Titled "From Darkness to Daylight," it tells the story of her battle with alcoholism and how she finally found peace and sobriety when she was able to fully live in her female gender.

"As a transsexual woman, I feel that any time someone wants to learn more I must do my part to teach them. How will they find out if no one is telling them?"

Stephanie Mott is a pre-op transsexual woman from Topeka, Kansas. She is the author of, My Long Walk Home, A Transexual Journey, and Transgender columnist for the Liberty Press since 2008. She was Outreach Ministry Coordinator for two years with Metropolitan Community Church of Topeka, and is currently on the MCC of Topeka Board of Directors. Stephanie will graduate with her Associate's degree in Human Services Management in April 2010. Learn more about Stephanie and her work at
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Date:May 1, 2010
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