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Motors: Warning sign for drivers.

Byline: By Edward Stephens

A NYTHING that can warn the motorist about potential hazards ahead has to be good news.

Despite the mixed views of people about speed camera detectors a lot of people don't realise that some are designed not only to alert you to the proximity of cameras but also identify things like blackspots and school zones.

An independent fleet test proved that business drivers using the camera detector Road Angel have 50 per cent fewer accidents and are 74 per cent less likely to receive further endorsements.

With that in mind I sampled one over a few months to see just how accurate it was and whether it is worth the money.

The latest, and most expensive model, is much smaller than the original one that made the company famous but it has more facilities built into it.

Just slightly larger than a cigarette packet Road Angel sits on a special bracket which fastens to the windscreen.

On the move the illuminated screen on Road Angel gives you an instant speed read-out as well as displaying a digital clock and a constant compass read-out.

The equipment comes with a front and rear laser alert feature which tells you when any laser detector system is targeting you.

It is also capable of storing some 50,000 locations of fixed speed cameras, black spots and schools so you can be pretty certain to be constantly informed of what is ahead.

And because Road Angel works on a GPS system if you break down and are not sure exactly where you are you can get precise latitude and longitude co-ordinates at the touch of a button before contacting the emergency recovery services.

On the road Road Angel tells you that you are approaching a speed camera with a "warning safety camera ahead" verbal warning and then counts you down until you reach it so there is plenty of time to react. Cleverly you can programme it not to give warnings on cameras that you know well - like those adjacent to your home - so you are not plagued by unnecessary messages.

Using a speed camera detector can be a bit irritating with regular warning cutting in but you can turn the sound down so it is not so intrusive. And it is better to be pestered than prosecuted.

Road Angel comes with everything you need, including a USB update lead for your computer.

It's not cheap, but then the best never is. And what price can you put on saving your driving licence

Fast Facts

Road Angel costs pounds 399.99 and is available from all good motoring outlets including Halfords. For stockists contact 01327 855586 or visit The manufacturers have now launched a new product called Road Angel Compact. This is two-thirds the size of the standard New Road Angel unit and has many, but not all, of the key features of the larger product for pounds 199.99
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Oct 7, 2005
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