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Motorola Enhances Applications Ware(TM) Offering With Hardware-Based Encryption.

Motorola's Security Applications Ware(TM) Gives Vanguard(R) Multiservice

Access Device Users an Industry Leading Standard in Encryption Technology

MANSFIELD, Mass., Jan. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Motorola's Internet and Networking Group, the leader in Smart Access Solutions, today announced Security Applications Ware, another addition to its family of Vanguard(R) Applications Ware(TM) products. Applications Ware is a set of specialized operating systems that make up the core "intelligence" of the Vanguard multiservice access device product line. Security Applications Ware adds encryption functionality to any of the existing Applications Ware modules.

Security Applications Ware is a standards-based solution that uses single DES (Data Encryption Standard) for encryption, triple DES for the symmetrical key exchange and SAM (Security Association Management), a proprietary key exchange protocol. With a frequency of key exchange as short as every five minutes, a successful hacker would only be able to access data for the short period of time specified between key exchanges before the entire "key cracking" process must be started over, providing networks with a strong line of defense against unwanted intrusion.

Using hardware-based encryption to perform the encryption processing, Security Applications Ware provides a significant performance increase (up to 10 times faster) over software-based methods. In addition, Motorola's use of a private, symmetric key greatly improves key exchange times and performance.

Networking professionals can also realize significant bandwidth advantages with Motorola's data compression offering. Data can be both compressed and encrypted, affording users protection and increased bandwidth at the same time.

Security Applications Ware is available today as a CD-ROM or as a download from Motorola's eTAC (Electronic Technical Assistance Center) web site. Current Applications Ware users need only purchase the license agreement from Motorola, obtain the software in the desired format and the hardware SIMM (Single In-line Memory Module) will be shipped separately. Security Applications Ware is priced from $1,400.

About Applications Ware

Vanguard Applications Ware is an innovative family of multimedia networking software packages. Putting the intelligence of Motorola's Vanguard line of multiservice access devices into an easy to upgrade, scalable software solution that gives customers the exact functionality they need while leaving their networks poised for easy migration to future telephony requirements.

About eTAC

eTAC is Motorola's online customer support center that allows networking professionals and channel partners to obtain a rich array of product information and software support. From electronic stock rotation to purchasing technical support services, Motorola contract customers and partners can handle their own product configuration requirements with

Motorola's Site Designer as well as access diagnostic tools to solve problems 24 hours a day.

About Motorola

The Motorola Internet and Networking Group (ING) delivers Smart Access Solutions to connect people and organizations in a world of converging communications. ING provides a full complement of wireline and wireless access solutions, including corporate networking, broadband communications, wireless content services and platform software. Please visit for more information.

Motorola is a global leader in advanced electronic systems and services. It liberates the power of technology by creating software-enhanced products that provide integrated customer solutions and Internet access via wireless and satellite communications, as well as computing, networking, and automotive electronics. Motorola also provides essential digital building blocks in the form of embedded semiconductors, controls and systems. Sales in 1998 were $29.4 billion.

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Date:Jan 20, 1999
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