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Motorized Wheelchair Control.

Everest & Jennings, [R] "Merlin" power chair electronics are designed to bridge the gap between simple hand controls and intricately diverse drive systems, while still remaining easy to operate at all levels of use. Merlin uses state-of-the-art electronic bus technologies for a seamless "plug and play" setup. With accompanying Windows-based programming software, operating parameters are stored in files for transfer between the PC and the power chair.

Merlin's integration of module and specialty control interface allows for many control devices, such as sip and puff, head controls or switch control. With additional controllers such as a "seat control" or an ECU (environmental control unit), Merlin allows users to easily operate recline systems, computers and almost any other remote-controlled device. Merlin power electronics are available on E&J's Lancer 2000 motorized wheelchairs.
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Publication:Nursing Homes
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Date:Oct 1, 2000
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