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Ignorant drivers can't escape punishment; TALK BACK. Jul 30, 2021 190
Just 100 people walked in first Pride it's 'we're here, we're queer and not going away' RECALLING HISTORIC EVENT 30 YEARS ON EXCLUSIVE. SHAUNA CORR Jul 29, 2021 1038
Parking stand-off as hospital attempts to fence in new private car park; FENCING WAS SET TO BE PUT UP BETWEEN THE CAR PARK AND TRUST'S GROUNDS, WHICH IT SAYS WAS FOR SECURITY. JAMIE WALLER @jamiewaller2 Jul 28, 2021 564
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 27, 2021 18198
We need climate action, not space tourism. Jul 23, 2021 699
Argo AI and Ford to launch self-driving vehicles on Lyft network by end of year. Jul 21, 2021 220
Motorists trying to beat the heat by driving in flip flops could face £5,000 fine; Brits trying to stay cool in these scorching temperatures could face a massive fine and worse if they are caught driving while wearing flip flops behind the wheel. By, Rosaleen Fenton Jul 18, 2021 329
Shaniera Akram gives Minal Khan a lesson on road safety we should all remember this monsoon season. Jul 13, 2021 269
Man broke in and threatened mother; SON GRABBED CAR KEYS AND DROVE OVER 100MPH. DAVID HUNTLEY @davey_huntley Jul 9, 2021 494
The Fast and Furious franchise ranked, from worst to best. Jun 25, 2021 377
Ten ways to guard yourself against hijackers. Jun 25, 2021 495
Police recover four stolen cars, narcotics seized. Jun 22, 2021 160
Instructor's car window smashed in 'race' attack; BIKER PULLED UP ALONGSIDE RANTING BEFORE PICKING UP A BRICK. EMILY COLLIS News Reporter Jun 19, 2021 476
Road safety group alerts drivers about hay fever. Jun 18, 2021 413
Teen driver caught in Ayia Napa after police chase. Evie Andreou Jun 13, 2021 156
Taxi driver high on drugs had customer in his car; dad-of-three banned from the road. LAUREN WISE ECHO Reporter @Laurenwise Jun 9, 2021 416
Teenager led police on car chase so dangerous it had to be abandoned. DANIEL MCKAY Jun 8, 2021 542
Bollards erected after cars overshoot junction. May 25, 2021 304
Safety bid sees road junction given new barriers. May 25, 2021 258
Drivers using mobile phone on motorways targeted in week-long campaign; Police also saw a driver eating lasagne with a knife and fork while driving along a motorway. By, Neil Shaw May 24, 2021 527
Baggy jeans, flip flops and more clothes that could land drivers a £5k fine on the road; These types of clothing could restrict you from manoeuvring and controlling your car -meaning they could pose a potential hazard. By, Levi Winchester May 24, 2021 579
Council stops operating car park ahead of development. May 22, 2021 386
Self-Driving Car Firms Seek to Charge for Rides in San Francisco: Reuters. Hyunjoo Jin; Dave, Paresh May 12, 2021 716
Children as young as 10 to get the chance to drive stunning classic cars at Gaydon's British Motor Museum; Former Top Gear presenter Quentin Wilson backs the project, believing it will play an important part in preparing young drivers for the roads. Alex Green May 12, 2021 597
Police warning after shoppers complain about speeding e-scooter riders in Burnley town centre; Police have issued a warning after receiving complaints from Burnley town centre shoppers about speeding electric scooter riders. Susan Plunkett May 11, 2021 193
Car sales recovery seen in Q4 2021. Financial report May 10, 2021 360
'Sleepwalking' driver killed 'amazing' Helena after 14-hour shift; Man 'unable to comprehend what had happened'. PAUL BRITTON & DAVID HOUSTON @MENNEWSDESK May 9, 2021 516
Police catch driver with 'F1 tyres' in Middleton patrol; Police have caught a motorist driving a car with 'F1 tyres' during patrols in the Middleton area of Leeds. Immy Share May 7, 2021 294
Where you are likely to lose your phone in Nairobi. May 2, 2021 562
Man charged after police incident; IN BRIEF. May 1, 2021 205
Cereal offender caught out! DRIVER CLEANING OUT BOWL ENDS UP WITH FINE BEING DISHED OUT. COREY BEDFORD News Reporter Apr 28, 2021 392
UK signals self-driving cars could hit road this year. Apr 28, 2021 320
Young patients can give life in fast lane a whirl. HARRIET EVENS COMMUNITY REPORTER Apr 27, 2021 335
Toyota's Woven Planet to buy Lyft's self-driving car division Level 5 for $550M. Apr 26, 2021 157
Uber trip ended in canal - but still cost me PS29; 'I told him to stop - but he drove straight into the water'. PAIGE OLDFIELD @MENNEWSDESK Apr 25, 2021 402
Six staff cars set alight at prison. Apr 25, 2021 252
How to defog your windshield easily. Apr 22, 2021 1037
Uninsured teen motorist in high-speed chase with police. Apr 16, 2021 259
5,982 tickets issued to drivers for using mobile phones. Apr 15, 2021 202
Drivers warned to check licence or face £1,000 fine after rule change; The DVLA says two million people are at risk. By, James Rodger & Neil Shaw Apr 15, 2021 359
Drug user's danger dash from police. Apr 14, 2021 191
Car Capital raises USD 8.8m in Series A funding round led by FM Capital. Apr 13, 2021 204
Car Capital raises USD 8.8m in Series A funding round led by FM Capital. Apr 13, 2021 206
Toyota unveils new cars with advanced driving assist tech. Apr 11, 2021 178
Intoxicated driver gets a fine and a ban after incidents on motorway. Apr 9, 2021 387
CTPP inform citizens about traffic rules. Apr 5, 2021 233
'It is my land, my vehicle and my son': PTI's Gandapur responds to criticism over viral video. Mar 31, 2021 160
Police cars rammed after 88mph pursuit; accused denies that he was driving the car. ADRIAN TROUGHTON News Reporter Mar 31, 2021 333
'My land, my vehicle and my son,' Gandapur responds to viral video flak. Mar 30, 2021 174
Startup of the Week: 12 Car -- driving in style. DEEMA AL-KHUDAIR Mar 29, 2021 398
Tips for driving safely during rainy conditions. Mar 26, 2021 625
Tips for driving safely during rainy conditions. Mar 25, 2021 696
Student unscathed after car rams into tree in Pangasinan. Mar 22, 2021 242
Punjab traffic police increases challan rates. Mar 20, 2021 189
Driver seen watching YouTube at the wheel. Mar 15, 2021 170
26 fines dished out in a day at black spot. Mar 12, 2021 168
When it comes to cars, the future is electric. Mar 11, 2021 448
Banned driver drove pregnant wife to hospital. BILL EDGAR Reporter Mar 2, 2021 422
Train and bus fear is driving people to cars. Mar 1, 2021 174
Gatchalian: No double parking on national highways in Valenzuela. Mar 1, 2021 467
Perez sees plenty of potential after first laps in new Red Bull. Feb 26, 2021 298
Bike firm crowdfunding for PS10k investment; 'broken bikes can turn people back to driving their cars...'. HANNAH FINCH @gardenerfinch Feb 24, 2021 487
It's time to brush up on road code; NEWS WIRE. Feb 23, 2021 196
Don't tailgate and more tips to avoid RFID hassle at tollways. Feb 23, 2021 966
Another minor boy spotted driving car in Muzaffargarh. Feb 21, 2021 211
What is needed is a comprehensive charging network; LETTERS. Feb 17, 2021 491
The Hill's not alive with the sound of traffic; 'BOMB-PROOF' BARRIER WILL STOP CARS DRIVING ON TO ANCIENT LANDMARK. TONY EARNSHAW Local Democracy Reporter @LdrTony Feb 9, 2021 328
Child car seats might contain toxic chemicals --environmental group. Feb 8, 2021 280
Crackdown on phone use while behind wheel. Feb 6, 2021 215
Child car seat law: House inquiry set. Feb 5, 2021 540
VIP protocol. Feb 4, 2021 397
Man admits driving dangerously in bid to escape police. Feb 4, 2021 410
Government procures five hybrid cars. Jan 30, 2021 483
Drug driver left teen biker with life-changing injuries; COURTHEARSOFBOY'S'PAINANDSUFFERING'AFTERCRASHBUTMUMSPAREDJAILFORHERCHILD'SSAKE. LYDIA MORRIS Daily Post Reporter Jan 29, 2021 556
Legal action taken against car workshop operating from house. Jan 25, 2021 350
Take some time to celebrate joy of actually driving a car. Andrew Martin Jan 20, 2021 766
Dangerous driver was caught twice; Police car rammed as speeds of 140mph reached on roads. ROB SMITH Jan 18, 2021 318
Dangerous driver was caught twice; Police car rammed as speeds of 140mph reached on roads. ROB SMITH Jan 18, 2021 320
Ex-Army man smiled at police as he rammed car after chase. ROBERT DALLING Reporter Jan 18, 2021 609
Sexual services and 'amorous behaviour' among reasons for lockdown fines; Merseyside Police reported a number of incidents, including someone driving their car in an 'antisocial manner' after soliciting sexual services, that happened on Saturday. By, Ellen Kirwin & Tom Ambrose Jan 17, 2021 346
Crackdown on danger drivers at Castle Hill. ROBERT SUTCLIFFE @MRRSUTCLIFFE Jan 11, 2021 351
Town with no vroom for cars; Garden village being built with space for 'self-driving' vehicles. MARTIN FRICKER Jan 11, 2021 250
New Essex town where houses don't have driveways and you summon a self-drive car; Homeowners will store their self-driving vehicles in a car park and "summon" them to pick them up. By, Martin Fricker Jan 11, 2021 258
Man jailed after driving car at policeman who challenged him. Jan 7, 2021 345
Police cars rammed by driving pest. ROB KENNEDY Court reporter Jan 1, 2021 508
Man jailed after writing off car as he sped away from police in city. TED DAVENPORT @DEVONLIVENEWS Dec 31, 2020 515
'Huge' cannabis stash found after police stop car. Dec 28, 2020 157
Hopes for White Christmas as heavy snow hits the UK just hours before big day; Pictures taken in Hetton-le-Hole, County Durham, this morning show some people walking in the snow and cars driving amid unsettled weather conditions that left people hoping for a White Christmas. By, Chiara Fiorillo Dec 24, 2020 891
Driver rammed police car during high-speed chase. KALI LINDSAY Reporter Dec 23, 2020 447
10 Injured As Driver Sleeps Off While Driving Passenger Bus In Awka. Dec 23, 2020 308
Apple targets car production by 2024, says report. Dec 22, 2020 341
Thousands arrested in car theft gang crackdown. Dec 21, 2020 200
Service, scholarship fund to honor two Naperville sisters killed in Ohio driving. Susan Sarkauskas Dec 19, 2020 605
Young boy who assaulted policeman tested positive to Hashish. Egypt Today staff Dec 15, 2020 161
Egypt aims to convert 400,000 cars to operate on natural gas within 3 years. Egypt Today staff Dec 14, 2020 427
Interior car noises and what they mean. Dec 10, 2020 604
Smog and accidents. Dec 6, 2020 354
ITP issues fine tickets to 29,690 motorists for not fastening seat belts. Dec 6, 2020 302
ITP issues fine tickets to 29,690 motorists. Dec 6, 2020 300
ITP issues fine tickets to 29,690 motorists for not fastening seat belts. Dec 5, 2020 261
Brits reveal favourite festive driving songs. Dec 5, 2020 379
Brits reveal favourite festive driving songs. Dec 5, 2020 379
FRSC Corps Marshal counsels motorists on safe driving during ember months. Nov 24, 2020 527
Creepy portraits and family photos found in London mansion abandoned 30 years ago; Urban explorer Colin Smith, 36, made the discovery while driving home from a job on the outskirts of North London. He found several family photos and portraits in the property. By, Chiara Fiorillo Nov 21, 2020 648
Three-year Deal Strengthens Support for 2-wheel Motorists. Nov 20, 2020 732
Teen hunter arrested, driving illegally. Evie Andreou Nov 19, 2020 156
Texas Saw 925 Traffic Deaths Involving Unbuckled Drivers, Passengers in 2019. Stephanie K. Jones Nov 19, 2020 442
Texas Reported 925 Traffic Deaths Involving Unbuckled Drivers, Passengers in 2019. Stephanie K. Jones Nov 19, 2020 442
Jail for banned driver caught behind wheel again. BEN ECCLESTON News Reporter Nov 17, 2020 595
Law closes loophole on phone use. MOTORING WITH LEE GIBSON Nov 15, 2020 231
Brave Tyson Fury tells how he once wanted to 'end it for good' while driving 160mph; Boxing world champion Tyson Fury has bravely lifted the lid on his mental health battles -revealing he once contemplated 'ending it for good' while driving 160mph in his Ferrari. By, Tyson Fury Nov 14, 2020 1121
Driver using megaphone should face charges; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB. Letter to the editor Nov 12, 2020 562
Commenting on viral video, Ismail Sabri says no rule against passengers sitting in front of cars. Nov 11, 2020 322
Breathe a little easier when driving with a car air purifier. Nov 11, 2020 239
Are you aware of your pension possibilities? Get genned up before the UK waves goodbye to the EU. Nov 9, 2020 528
Driving during lockdown could invalidate your car insurance; As well as a fine it could end up costing thousands in repairs. By, Neil Shaw Nov 8, 2020 205
Self-driving car trial is launched. DAVID BANNER Oct 31, 2020 299
Self-driving car trial is launched. DAVID BANNER Oct 31, 2020 299
Car Gas Operates New Natural Gas Station in Port Said. Oct 31, 2020 205
Man accused of driving his car at police. SARA NICHOL Court reporter Oct 30, 2020 313
How to drive safely in Storm Barbara as wintery weather batters UK; There are 10 tips for making sure your care ad your driving are safe in bad weather. By, Neil Shaw Oct 22, 2020 630
National Teen Driver Safety Week is Oct. 18-24. Oct 21, 2020 248
Government to close loophole which lets you use phone while driving; Campaigners are calling for even tougher rules -which could even ban hands-free use. By, Neil Shaw Oct 19, 2020 401
Arrests in crackdown on criminals on roads. Oct 17, 2020 235
Three are held on car rampage. Oct 17, 2020 176
Keyless car tech driving crime up; Insurance claims relating to thefts rises by 20pc, says data. SIMON STONE Oct 16, 2020 330
Polestar 2 Electric Sedans Recalled Over Software Glitch. Oct 13, 2020 291
Remember when roads were devoid of traffic? Transit: How fast are we driving these days? Oct 12, 2020 802
Remember when roads were devoid of traffic? Oct 12, 2020 802
For health, wealth and happiness, make it a bike; This week the UK Marked Clean Air Day by trying to encourage people out of their cars. Here Steve Toze, director at Barbican cycle store Rockets & Rascals, argues that your car is killing our city - and everyone in it. Oct 10, 2020 1516
Quit driving. Oct 10, 2020 618
How to check your tyres - tread depth, pressure and damage explained and how to do the 20p test; The three basic checks to make sure your tyres are safe. Matt Allan Oct 8, 2020 639
Elegance with a hint of jet fighter: The McLaren 2020 GT. Frank Kane Oct 4, 2020 663
Mark meets the men who saved his life. GEMMA SHERLOCK @GemmaSherlock2 Oct 1, 2020 1033
Lorry driver is caught watching TV on M40. CLAIRE HARRISON Sep 25, 2020 446
Man 'asleep' in speeding self-driving car charged in Canada. Sep 25, 2020 242
Metal rods fall from truck into car behind. Sep 23, 2020 490
Man who drove at couple and police in car park told to expect jail term. TED DAVENPORT @DEVONLIVENEWS Sep 17, 2020 428
New CCPOafined for not wearing seatbelt. Sep 11, 2020 183
Co-Op Insurance launches T-plate. Sep 9, 2020 156
Co-Op Insurance launches T-plate. Sep 9, 2020 154
Police crackdown on 'dangerous' speeding drivers; boy racers told they could have cars seized. NICK LAVIGUEUR @grecian9 Sep 8, 2020 401
Bill filed to include driver's course in senior high school. Aug 28, 2020 534
Highway Police arrest man using drugs while driving. Aug 22, 2020 347
One80 Launches Transportation Threat Protect Program for Commercial Auto Operations. Amy O'Connor Aug 21, 2020 331
Millionaire's 162 days of hell 'chained up like a dog' after being kidnapped; Sandra Munsamy, 46, was snatched from her car while driving through Pinetown, near Durban, South Africa, and held as a hostage in 'the most inhumane' conditions for the next six months. By, Matthew Dresch Aug 19, 2020 331
Driver led police on dangerous pursuit. SAM JONES Reporter @SJONESREPORTER Aug 18, 2020 356
AAA warns of automated driving dangers. Aug 17, 2020 714
AAA warns of automated driving dangers Drivers: 73% of errors involve lane position. Aug 17, 2020 714
In Transit: AAA warns of automated driving dangers. Marni Pyke Aug 17, 2020 717
Boy, 6, loses leg after mum accidentally runs lawnmower over his foot; Jonah Douglas was playing outside when his mum, Bethany, 41, accidentally reversed over him while driving a ride-on lawnmower -after initially thinking she'd run over a paving stone. By, Robert Firth Aug 11, 2020 557
Driver hit police car with stolen van. Aug 5, 2020 199
Common driving habits that we think are illegal but are actually OK according to the law; But there are many that we think are OK but could get you a fine. By, Ashlie Blakey Aug 3, 2020 445
Petition is launched to open pavilion car park; Driving around 'is like dodgems' claim due to cars lining streets. RORY SMITH Jul 31, 2020 381
Clinical Considerations for Return to Driving a Car following a Total Knee or Hip Arthroplasty: A Systematic Review. Na, Annalisa; Richburg, Kacy; Gugala, Zbigniew Report Jul 31, 2020 7097
Dangerous driving may lead to prison. JADE McELWEE @JadeMReporter Jul 29, 2020 300
Over 13,000 fined for using phones while driving in Abu Dhabi. Ismail Sebugwaawo Jul 28, 2020 306
Over 186,000 motorists fined for using mobile phones while driving in UAE. Ismail Sebugwaawo Jul 23, 2020 344
11,000 fined for driving modified cars last year in UAE. Ismail Sebugwaawo Jul 16, 2020 227
2.7 million summonses worth RM800m outstanding since 2010, says JPJ. Jul 13, 2020 229
We're car-tious.. Scots commuters 'look set to change their daily travel habits after lockdown'. Giles Blair Jul 10, 2020 586
Mum's lucky escape from 'out-of-control' car. Jul 10, 2020 451
Harry Dunn's friends almost hit by American car driving on wrong side of the road; Chelsea Wilson and Ed Bunker recorded the moment a left-hand-drive Chevrolet Camaro with no licence plates headed directly towards them on the wrong side of the road in Caversfield, Oxfordshire. By, Katabella Roberts Jul 9, 2020 528
Covid-19: Do you need to wear a face mask while driving? Times News Service Jul 8, 2020 236
Audi collaborates with EnBW to set up electric car battery operation at EnBW's Heilbronn plant. Jul 6, 2020 152
Man dead after SUV slams into parked car, turns it into projectile. Jul 6, 2020 191
Big Bike driver loses 45 Baht of gold while driving. Jul 5, 2020 398
Six unexpected health conditions you need to tell DVLA about or face [pounds sterling]1,000 fine; It's pretty obvious that if you lose your sight it will affect your driving, but there are a whole series of other conditions that you could be fined for not reporting after you realise you have them. By, James Andrews Jul 4, 2020 510
CTP issued 17,711 challan tickets in June. Jul 1, 2020 258
CTP issued 17,711 challan tickets in June. Jul 1, 2020 258
Cellphone While Driving Ban Goes into Effect in Idaho. Jun 30, 2020 334
CTP issued 17,711 fine tickets to violators. Jun 29, 2020 253
More than 72,000 motorists issued fines since May 1. Jun 24, 2020 309
Driver who lost temper used his car as 'weapon' TAILGATING, SPEEDING AND THROWING BOTTLES IN'PATTERN OF INTIMIDATION'. LYDIA MORRIS Daily Post Reporter Jun 20, 2020 645
Hot deals with feels. Jun 12, 2020 689
Man charged after seen driving with dog on his bonnet. Evie Andreou Jun 11, 2020 186
Dangers of driving a car with damaged brake discs. Jun 11, 2020 885
Mum hit by digger while driving car. katie dickinson Reporter Jun 9, 2020 458
Nissan mulls pick-up, SUV assembly in PH. Jun 7, 2020 442
Challans to be issued for driving without mask in Lahore. Jun 5, 2020 198
Lahore Police to strictly implement corona SOPs. Jun 5, 2020 223
Putrajaya to seed innovation such as delivery drones, self-driving cars with RM1.2b allocation. Jun 5, 2020 254
Car companies evaluate dealerships operations. Jun 3, 2020 601
Four die as car overturns near Sukkur. May 30, 2020 221
Ministry of transport resumes some services. May 26, 2020 387
Hunt for man after bus driver spat at. May 20, 2020 161
Corporates start resuming plant operations. May 20, 2020 263
State Farm announces $2.2 billion in auto rate cuts Driving trends, fewer accidents result in insurance rate reduction. Submitted by Chris Pilcic, State Farm Public affairs May 19, 2020 217
Car theft left top surgeon unable to perform major ops. May 12, 2020 517
Man arrested for illegal weapon after police chase, shots fired. Gina Agapiou May 11, 2020 186
DRVN to strengthen quality of driving instructors. May 8, 2020 304
Two charged after stealing car and driving at 100mph. May 7, 2020 194
US: Five-year-old caught driving parents' car, on his way to 'buy a Lamborghini'. Falah Gulzar, Social Media Reporter May 7, 2020 390
Coronavirus: Wearing a mask not compulsory if you are alone in the car in Dubai. Ali Al Shouk, Senior Reporter Apr 30, 2020 273
Indian youngster driving sports car in Indore amidst coronavirus lockdown made to do sit-ups. Falah Gulzar, Social Media Reporter Apr 26, 2020 502
Fasting travellers to be provided help on priority: Motorway Police. Apr 25, 2020 231
Preliminary contract remedy for commercial transaction affected by notary's offices closures. Zamzam Mostafa Apr 23, 2020 482
Car owner drives into Car thief on the road. Apr 23, 2020 371
Coronavirus: Jail for two men who violated curfew. Evie Andreou Apr 13, 2020 283
Banned driver on 'day out' has illegal car seized. Apr 11, 2020 167
McLaren to develop car that operates on synthetic fuel. Apr 9, 2020 188
Coronavirus: Don't drive and e-learn or distance work warn police. Anwar Ahmad, Staff Reporter Apr 6, 2020 176
Coronavirus: Do you need to wear a mask while driving? Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary, Senior Reporter Apr 5, 2020 577
Veoneer signs non-binding agreement with Volvo Cars. Apr 2, 2020 193
Coronavirus restrictions: What to do if you get a flat car tyre while staying at home. Ashfaq Ahmed, Associate Editor - Online Apr 1, 2020 747
Building the Car While Driving It: Suggestions for Reforming the Paycheck Protection Program. Hubbard, R. Glenn; Strain, Michael R. Apr 1, 2020 1578
Google's Self-Driving Car Unit Raises $2.25 Billion. Mar 31, 2020 383
Carbon neutral goal missed by parking charges. Mar 26, 2020 230
Now Aston Martin suspends all car operations at UK sites. ENDA MULLEN News Reporter Mar 26, 2020 273
Smug yobs jailed over robbery rampage in stolen Motability car; one filmed himself saying: 'who are we going to rob today?'. NEIL DOCKING ECHO Reporter @LIVECHOCOURT Mar 25, 2020 611
Every 2nd car to be electric one globally in 2050. Mar 25, 2020 468
Declarations. Mar 23, 2020 427
Ban on Holding Cellphone While Driving Begins July 1 in Indiana. Stephanie K. Jones Mar 23, 2020 412
2,211 drivers without licenses fined during two months. Mar 21, 2020 282
Former Google engineer agrees to plead guilty to secrets theft. Mar 20, 2020 413
V ITP issued 7,257 fine tickets over use of mobile phones. Mar 20, 2020 155
Car plunges into Dubai Creek, driver swims to safety. Ali Al Shouk, Senior Reporter Mar 11, 2020 233
Video: Car plunges into Dubai Creek, driver swims to safety. Ali Al Shouk, Senior Reporter Mar 11, 2020 245
Addict died 'after he was struck by dealers' car' - trial. Mar 10, 2020 532
PAY THE PENALTY; Minister to bring tougher in laws against mobile use by drivers. CONOR COYLE Mar 9, 2020 373
New radars in Dubai check for phones and seatbelts. Ali Al Shouk, Senior Reporter Mar 7, 2020 228
South Dakota Legislation Banning Cell Phone Use While Driving Sent to Governor. Stephanie K. Jones Mar 5, 2020 214
Teenagers injured as car flips onto roof. Mar 4, 2020 174
Harley's the hero after mum faints when driving car. KATHRYN RIDDELL Reporter @KathrynRiddell Mar 3, 2020 550
Mobile phones main cause of road deaths in UAE: Study. Ismail Sebugwaawo Mar 1, 2020 439
How auto insurers use your nondriving habits to raise prices. KAYDA NORMAN of NerdWallet Mar 1, 2020 778
Prediction: Market for artificial intelligence in cars will grow 1,200% in next six years. Mar 1, 2020 210
Older People with Vision Loss and Transportation: Identifying Gaps in Research to Effect Change. Bleach, Kelly; Fairchild, Neva; Rogers, Priscilla; Rosenblum, L. Penny Mar 1, 2020 1279
THE ROAD TO TOKYO; The Olympics will shine a spotlight on Japan's capital this summer. But did you know it's easy to discover the city by car? SARAH MARSHALL investigates. SARAH MARSHALL Feb 28, 2020 634
Couple die after taking wrong turn, driving car into the sea. Feb 28, 2020 184
THE ROAD TO TOKYO; The Olympics will shine a spotlight on Japan's capital this summer. But did you know it's easy to discover the city by car? SARAH MARSHALL investigates. SARAH MARSHALL Feb 27, 2020 641
THE ROAD TO TOKYO; The Olympics will shine a spotlight on Japan's capital this summer. But did you know it's easy to discover the city by car? SARAH MARSHALL investigates. SARAH MARSHALL Feb 26, 2020 642
THE ROAD TO TOKYO; The Olympics will shine a spotlight on Japan's capital this summer. But did you know it's easy to discover the city by car? SARAH MARSHALL investigates. SARAH MARSHALL Feb 26, 2020 642
THE ROAD TO TOKYO; The Olympics will shine a spotlight on Japan's capital this summer. But did you know it's easy to discover the city by car? SARAH MARSHALL investigates. SARAH MARSHALL Feb 26, 2020 642
Palace: 'Build, Build, Build' program can help workers displaced by Honda plant shutdown. Feb 23, 2020 423
Police say couple forced boys off road because of their Trump flags. Associated Press Feb 22, 2020 310
Cable car won't operate at weekends. Feb 14, 2020 209
Dh1,000 fine, 6 black points for littering from cars in UAE. Web Report Feb 14, 2020 235
How to build a morally ethical self-driving car. Feb 10, 2020 772
Motorists arrested for driving dangerously in Abu Dhabi. Anwar Ahmad, Staff Reporter Feb 7, 2020 210
The bottom pincher..! Feb 4, 2020 514
I enjoy driving a manual car. Jan 30, 2020 693
Drove at police car. Jan 29, 2020 239
Driving a car in Birmingham '[pounds sterling]1k-a-year more expensive' than Coventry; That is slightly higher than nearby Leicester but nowhere near Birmingham, according to Kwik Fit research. Graeme Brown Jan 29, 2020 860
Parents warned over shunning child seats. Jan 28, 2020 206
Motswetla wins car in FNB competition. Jan 27, 2020 390
Traffic launches an awareness competition. Jan 25, 2020 261
Zenuity and Hewlett Packard Enterprise join forces to develop next generation autonomous driving cars. Jan 24, 2020 176
Man not guilty in car chase case. Jan 23, 2020 184
Man jumps 12 red lights at 160kmph in UAE, jailed. Web Report Jan 22, 2020 196
PC denies dangerous driving. Jan 21, 2020 141
Mum tried to kill newborn baby and husband by driving car into wall while hallucinating; Laura, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, almost killed herself, her husband Dan and newborn baby daughter Olivia, while suffering from postpartum psychosis after intrusive thoughts and hallucinations took over. By, Jane Kirby & Neil Murphy Jan 21, 2020 867
Woman tried to kill her newborn baby and husband after suffering postpartum psychosis. Jan 21, 2020 841
Police in Kavango East concerned about increase in youth offenders. Jan 19, 2020 442
Driver three times legal limit almost struck a police car. SARA NICHOL Reporter @SaraNichol10 Jan 18, 2020 396
Volkswagen chief says firm faces trouble without urgent reforms. MICHELLE MARTIN Jan 17, 2020 146
Video: Saudi thieves rob car by smashing window. Web Report Jan 17, 2020 140
2 more cars owners held in Cebu for using illegal app. Jan 15, 2020 550
90mph chase driver jailed. DANNY MCKAY Jan 14, 2020 384
Bold new vision for Brum in the 2020s; MASTERPLAN UNVEILED TO CHANGE THE FACE OF TRANSPORT IN OUR CITY Masterplan to change transport in Brum. CARL JACKSON Local Democracy Reporter Jan 14, 2020 1191
Passing The Time To Full Autonomy. Gil Dotan Jan 11, 2020 927
Two men charged on driving dangerously. Jan 9, 2020 119
Global In-Car Marketplace 2019-2025: Use Cases and Transactions. Jan 7, 2020 1072
Two charged after 'woman forced into car' NEWS WIRE. Jan 3, 2020 131
Auto operation control can cut railway tragedies. Jan 2, 2020 785
Burglars try to break into church by ramming it with stolen car. Gina Agapiou Dec 30, 2019 151
Rash driving. SHAFAQ KHAN - Islamabad Dec 30, 2019 210
Don't talk on phone or text while driving. Gulf News Dec 29, 2019 523
85 people died in truck-related accidents last year in Abu Dhabi. Anwar Ahmad, Staff Reporter Dec 28, 2019 691
The Worst Cars Of 2019. Dawn Geske Dec 27, 2019 605
Looking at your mobile phone while on the road means you're driving blind. Times News Service Dec 23, 2019 150
Car thief is jailed after dangerous police chase; Swapped places with passenger during M6 pursuit. SUZY GIBSON Dec 18, 2019 498
Black points in UAE: 40 traffic offenses that pile up black points on your driving licence. Dona Cherian, Web News Editor Dec 18, 2019 375
Nio receives contract to produce advanced self-driving car using technology by Intel's Mobileye division. Dec 16, 2019 148
Waymo's autonomous taxi service tops 100,000 rides. Keith Naughton Bloomberg Dec 8, 2019 322
Motorist,34, drove at up to 110mph. Dec 6, 2019 283
New South Wales activates camera network to catch drivers on cellphones. Dec 3, 2019 161
You say... Dec 3, 2019 213
South London teenager jailed after police caught him selling drugs from his car; Ionut Stoica was driving a Mercedes with a fake driving licence. Sam Truelove Dec 2, 2019 384
BTA appeals drivers and passengers related to windy weather. Dec 2, 2019 155
Lies got boyfriend banned; DEVIOUS DRIVER BLAMED PARTNER FOR SPEEDING. Rob Kennedy Court reporter Dec 1, 2019 610
Cabbie 'watched United game while driving taxi'. SOPHIE HALLE-RICHARDS @SOPHIEHRMEN Nov 30, 2019 409
New hi-tech camera to catch motorists who use their phone while driving. Web Report Nov 29, 2019 267
Video-in-Motion Unlocker SmartTV from Mods4cars for BMW Vehicles Reduced in Price. Nov 29, 2019 601
U-TURN: Driving With The Aid Of Google Map, Not A Crime - FRSC. Nov 28, 2019 465
Binman facing photo row; Complaint: Worker who raised charity money with calendars defends driving. RITA CAMPBELL Nov 28, 2019 473
Dubai car fire victim identified as Indian doctor. Sajila Saseendran, Senior Reporter Nov 27, 2019 461
Parliament committee rejects draft law to set age limit to obtain driver's license. Nov 26, 2019 155
Parliament committee rejects draft law to set age limit to obtain driver's license. Nov 26, 2019 195
Danger driving rap is denied. Nov 25, 2019 154
Auto train operating system may improve Kazakhstan's transport efficiency. Nov 25, 2019 320
I heard bridge yobs laughing as they hurled rock missiles at my car; Near-miss for family as mum faced attack while driving son, 4, and baby daughter. OLIVIA TOBIN ECHO Reporter olivia.tobin@liverpoolcom @oliviat_93 Nov 24, 2019 603
Beware! Secret traffic patrols keeping an eye on roads. Nov 22, 2019 309
Beware! Secret traffic patrols keeping an eye on motorists. Nov 21, 2019 309
Mum who took aunt's car had to be stopped by police stinger; When asked why she had taken car, she said: 'It saves walking'. JEZ HEMMING Daily Post Reporter Nov 20, 2019 500
UHRC boss Med Kaggwa is dead. Obituary Nov 20, 2019 311
Road Safety' awareness lecture at Cambridge College for Boys Talagang. Nov 19, 2019 125

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